Cute & Cosy Autumn Look

Following on from our post all about this seasons hottest coats, we thought it was only right to put together a look to wear with them! This look is super cute and is perfect for coffee dates, fall walks and shopping trips! 

To start we are priming the skin for a smooth base. We're using a glistening primer for a radiant glow to the skin. We love the Jelly Pong Pong All Over Glow and we gently buff this over the face with our Bella&Bear Jaguar Angled Kabuki brush.

Then, using the same brush and a full coverage foundation (we love Estee Lauders Double Wear) we are applying it to the face and neck, using down and outward motions for a streak free finish.

After we have let that set we are going in with our concealer. We are using this to brighten the skin and to disguise any problem areas; dark circles, blemishes and the like. We blended this into our foundation with our Bella&Bear Ocelot Concealer brush for a seamless finish.

We want this look to have a dewy finish so we are only going to apply a powder to the concealed areas. If you prefer a matte look then you can apply your powder all over the face. We are using some ELF Studio HD Powder and our Bella&Bear Tiger powder brush to gently dust it onto the skin and set our concealer.

We are then setting our base with a fixing mist. We love the Makeup Revolution Oil Control Fixing Spray We mist the face with it in a cross motion to cover all areas.

As with our skin we have to prime our eyes before applying our products to make sure they have a smooth and even base. We are taking some Benefet Stay Don't Stray primer and we are applying it to the lid (right up to the brow bone) with our ring finger. Applying a primer will also make your shadows more intense and vibrant.

We are beginning work on the eyes with a matte cream shadow - We love 'Pure' from the Zoeva Naturally Yours palette - and our Bella&Bear Jaguarundy brush; working the shadow right over the lid up to the brow bone.

We want this to be quite a soft look so we are going to take a matte light brown shadow and our Bella&Bear Bornean Bay cat brush and just work it into the crease of the eye with a windscreen wiper motion, we are taking this out to a V shape on the outer corner and bringing it down to the outer corner of the lower lash line for definition. We used the shade 'soft&sexy' from the same Zoeva palette for this. 

To intensify the natural eye colour we are going in with our Bella&Bear Leopard Cat Pencil brush and a matte dark brown shadow and we are working it onto the very outer corner of the eye.

You can build this colour up to the intensity you prefer, keeping it soft by blending the edges out with your Bella&Bear Jaguarundy brush.

Now we are going to define the eyes with some liner. We are using our Bella&Bear Serval Liner Brush and a liquid liner (we love the Essence cushion liner) to create a short thick wing. You can do whichever design you prefer best and you could also use a kohl pencil to fill in the waterline if you like a darker look on the eyes.

Then, after curling our lashes with our Bella&Bear Eye&Mighty Lash Curler and applying a coat of our fave mascara - TooFaced Better Than Sex - we are using our Bella&Bear angled tweezers to apply some natural lashes. This is optional, of course, and you could alternatively apply a few coats of mascara for a full effect. We love the Girls With Attitude in Natural Flirt for a your-lashes-but-better look.

Lets finish those gorgeous eyes by framing them. Taking the spoolie end of our Bella&Bear Iberian lynx brow brush we are going to shape and groom the brows the way we prefer. Then, using the brush end and some Freedom Makeup Brow pomade we are filling in, extending and defining the brows. You can then go back in with the spoolie end and lightly brush through the brows to disperse any excess product for a lighter, more natural finish.

Let's work on the complexion - we want this to be a soft and natural look with a little structure so we are starting with a matte bronzer (we love Hoola by benefit), and we are gently working it into the hollows of the cheeks and onto the temples with our Bella&Bear Bobcat Angled Brush and down the sides of our nose with our Bella&Bear Margay Cat brush.

Then we are going to play up those rosy fall cheeks, so taking a dusty pink matte blush we are going to apply it to the apples and high points of the cheeks with our Bella&Bear Cheetah Duo Fiber powder brush. We love Mac Blushbaby for this.

Remember that awesome faux freckle hack we showed you (find it here)? We're going to use that here to add some extra cute to this look! We think this is a great use for our Bella&Bear Brush on You Detangler!

Let's finish the look with a killer pout. We are opting for matte brown lips to compliment the eyes but a deep berry lip would also work perfectly. We are starting by lining the lips with some Max factor Universal LipLiner to stop our lip product bleeding and feathering.

We are then using our Bella&Bear Rusty Spotted Cat Lip Brush to fill the lips in with some Limecrime Velvetine in 'Salem' - this will give us a precise and even application!

As this is a soft and natural look we are opting not to apply a highlight but you could still use one if you prefer. Once again, spritz the face with your setting spray to keep your hard work fresh and in place!

We popped on these cute round frames for a geek chic vibe - you can find them here at a bargain price!  

If you wanna add a little something extra to the look then add a braid. Braids are simple but effective and can really help to pull a look together. We started by creating a deep side part with our Bella&Bear Detangler comb and we then pulled the fringe section to the front of the face keeping it separate from the rest of the hair. We added a french braid to this section of hair, securing it with a invisible band and then simply letting the rest of our hair flow free!

We hope you enjoyed today's look - don't forget to share your snaps with us on social media - and remember that you can find all of the Bella&Bear tools used here in our online store right now; we have some prices slashed so treat yo'self.