LUSH Announces Halloween '17 collection

Is it even halloween if you havent soaked in an orange sparkly LUSH pumpkin bubble bath?

We don't think so, that's why we were super stoked when we saw LUSH's sneak peek of their Halloween '17 collection over on insta! Eek!

There are set to be 15 pieces in the collection; some old favourites (Sparkly Pumkin Bubble Bar we're looking at you) and some new ones too! Discover them below!



1. Pumpkin Bath Bomb; The Halloween staple. A festive bath treat which turns your bath water orange

2. Secret Arts Jelly Bomb; A new item featuring LUSH's new jelly formula, this will transform your bathwater to black with a jelly coating on top

3. Monsters Ball Bath Bomb;  A cute little bath bomb with a zesty scent, which also turns your bath super pink!

4. Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb; this is a cult fave at Halloween, the green outer shell will bubble away to reveal a secret centre

5. Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb; Adorable little bath treat with grapefruit oil, leaving a green jelly layer in your bath.


1. Lord of Misrule Shower Gel; The perfect match for your LOM bath bomb, it has that familiar fragrance you can enjoy every shower time.

2. Magic Wand Soap; Made with pomegranate and charcoal, this soap will leave your skin super radiant.

3. Hedgewitch Soap; With a spellbinding shimmery finish this soap gives off serious autumn vibes.

4.Bewitched Bubble Bar; made with a sweet fragrance this black soap is purfect for using during a full moon!

5. Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar; Another cult favourite , this bubble bar can be used piece by piece to last all season long and it'll leave your skin beautifully sparkly.

6. Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar; Use this pink bubble bar for an enchanting iridescent bath.


1.Black Rose Lip Tint; Although it looks black in the tube, this tint will leave the lips with a deep rose hue for that just bitten look

2. Black Rose Naked Lip Tint; For the ethically conscious, use this version for no waste!

3. Black Rose Naked Lip scrub;  Exfoliate the lips with this strawberry scented piece - great to keep in your handbag.

4. Goth Fairy Shimmer bar;  Another LUSH Halloween fave, this bar can be rubbed over dry skin for an iridescent shimmer.

The collection will launch online September 11 and be in stores from September 18. We are so excited! What will you choose?