Bella & Bear : The Story

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In the meantime here is a little story about us featuring a couple of cute cats 

We often get asked where did the name Bella & Bear come from?

Well there's a little story behind our famous name and we would like to share it with you….

Once Upon A Time There Was A Cat Named Bella And Another Called Bear ...

Bella was rescued from a naughty lady that bred cats for cash. We took her home for some TLC and it wasn’t long before she became the princess of the family. Bella has a penchant for dirty socks, joining you on the toilet and rolling in dirt. She also loves scrunched up paper, which you have to throw for her so she can go fetch it and bring it back to you (we think she may of been a dog in a previous life, but we don’t tell her that). When she is not doing any of these things, you will find her sprawled in a nice warm spot.

Bear 1 was a little tiny kitten when we found him with his brothers and sisters living under a building. We rescued them and re homed them and they all went to live with lovely families, apart from Bear. Bear decided he liked us and Bella very much, so much so that he unpacked his toys and catnip and became the baby of the family. Bear loved toilet roll so much, he used to eat it. He also loved to play fetch with anything, but his favourite things were bottle tops and socks, the dirty kind.

It wasn’t long before Bella and Bear became inseparable, they would entertain us with their antics and sometimes their naughtiness. We were the perfect family until one day Bear never came home. Bella spent the whole evening yowling for her baby brother and we knew something was terribly wrong, we all had a sleepless night waiting for our little one to come home. It wasn’t to be, we found out the next day that he had been run over. We were all devastated, especially Bella.

Bella had been very lonely without Bear and we have also missed having a little boy around the house. So in May 2014 we picked up Bear II! we thought it was only right to name him Bear, not only does he look incredibly handsome like his namesake but we thought it was a wonderful way in which to remember Bear I. Bear II is below.

bella and bear

It took Bella a couple of weeks to come round to the idea of having another boy in the house, but we know she secretly loves him. We often catch her trying to get his attention so they can play. Although she has a tendency to act like a diva sometimes, especially when she doesn’t get her own way, we think she makes a beautiful role model for Bear II.

So for the last year or so we have been working on developing absolutely amazing, brilliant and gorgeous products for you and we want them to be fun and frivolous just like our beautiful cats!

The Bella & Bear brand was born………….