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Loved it

Every item in the sample pack was fantastic the smell truly made me fill like I was on vacation in the tropics the only thing that made me sad is my hair goes down past my butt so they didn’t send me enough to wash my hair so I had to mix it other then that it was FABULOUS!

I just had to have this.

I don't normally pay for shipping when it comes to samples, but I just couldn't pass this up. I love the girly packaging, the generous size of the samples and the fact that they're cruelty free and vegan. This is a new brand to me, but I look forward to trying out the samples and their other products in the future.

Bella and Bear travel

I absolutely love this product and it was perfect size to see if I wanted to purchase it again in the future. The scrub I loved as well.

product review

I loved the salt scrub. It didn't feel too abrasive, but left my skin feeling very soft and clean. The shampoo and conditioner were disappointing. They didn't have the nice fragrance that I was led to expect. In fact, they had no fragrance at all. I didn't try the mask yet.

Great formula, great scent!

Love this tropical travel pack it has everything you need for a night or two away from home. These products have the best scent that makes you think of summertime and swimming in the ocean. Inside the pack, you get shampoo, conditioner, face mask, and foaming body scrub. My favorite product is their body scrub, it's so cleansing, moisturizing and just an overall fun time to use. I recommend this travel pack to anyone wishing to try bella and bear or to anyone looking for a nice travel pack to take on vacation


I purchased a tub of unicorn dreams bath soap. I thought it was such a cute product so ordered the samples to put in stockings for Christmas, my girls loved them.


It was great I really liked it the shampoo and conditioner they were good with my shower

Mini Spa in a pack

I enjoyed the Bella and Bear travel pack. It was a mini spa.

Bella and Bear Travel Pack Shipping Only Free Sample -Please Read Description For Details Before Ordering!

Love these Products

I received the travel pack just to try and see if I liked them, and I do! Can't wait to buy more full sizes. My hair and skin never felt so good, and OMG the smell! So worth it!

Great products

I love the products alot and how well they worked!!

Love these products

These are exactly like expensive, luxury products. I was amazed at the quality. I have extremely sensitive skin and none of the products irritated my skin, or caused dryness. My face has a healthy glow to it, and I'm getting lots of compliments. I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

Love the Porducts

Love the products very much I will be ordereing more in the near future.

Will be ordering more!

The salt scrub was amazing! It left my skin super soft without the cut up feeling most other scrubs do. I could feel the face mask working almost right away, and I have really sensitive skin, no itchyness or redness after. I will most definitely be ordering the full sizes!

loved the awesome products

Loved the shampoo and conditioner the most! It left my hair silky smooth and clean

Free Sample pack

I gave this item as a Xmas gift, so I am giving the review 2nd hand...The lady I gave this to really appreciated and enjoyed same on her trip to Hawaii the day after Xmas!

Love the Travel Pack!

I really love the samples, especially the smell!


I love love love Bella&Bear products!! Its like being in tropical heaven! I will definitely recommend these products n will be buying more soon!!

Love how it skin and hair feel.

I was able to take my travel sample on vacation and just loved them.First off they all smell great,not over powering and it seems to linger for awhile ( not a.had thing )The mask made me feel like I was at the spa. It washed off easily and made my skin feel so soft and glowing..The hair products were very gentle and my hair was very soft and so manageable.

Absolutely Amazing Products

I’m am so happy with these samples! They smell delicious and my hair and my face were so happy and smooth after I used them! I will absolutely be coming back for more when I can! I would love to try the other products 

Great product

I really enjoyed these products. The smell is amazing and my skin felt so good after using the mask.

I Escaped With the Tropical Travel Pack

I received the Tropical Travel Pack the other day. It was cold and snowing outside, so I decided to indulge myself. From head to toe I felt like I was in a tropical paradise. The shampoo and conditioner smelled wonderful. The salt scrub left my skin feeling smooth. Topped off with the facial mask, I stepped out of my shower feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Bella and Bear travel pack

I received a free travel pack and was amazed.I loved the scents. It came in handy as we left on vacation.I was glad I received it when I did.I would recommend any of these products .My favorite was the dry shampoo.