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Love this

I love the products and the smells

Great product

This works so well with my sensitive skin!! Will be buying more in the future

Bella and Bear The Best !

I am absolutely am in love with these products...I ran across Bella and Bear when I was looking for something that wasnt the traditional hair is highly iver processed and damaged, being a natural ginger but preferring platinum blonde it can be considerably harsh on your basically I had horribly bleached and damaged hair that refused to even grow anymore...Until I found this awesome hair feels 100% better and has actually got started to come back to life! In fact it has actually started growing again, not to mention, its growing faster than it has ever grown. Also the face mask are so delightful and brings a notucablr glow to your skin. Pretty much everything that comes in the travel pack will not disappoint you, I promise you! I will be ordering the other products as well, once my recent order starts getting low. Thank you again Bella and Bear!...Your products are definitely game changers!

A friend sent me the tropical face mask for an early Christmas present and I liked it so much, I ordered more!

Package received

Im very satisfied with the products i love them all

Great Product

I will be recommending you to my friends and family.

Travel Pack Free Sample (pay shipping only)

Fabulous scent!

I got the fizzy clementine shower jelly for my sister's birthday recently. She is very sensitive to harsh fragrances, and so I was a bit nervous to get her bath and body products. I took the leap, and I'm so glad I did! She absolutely loves it. Because of the fresh, juicy clementine scent, it's her favorite thing in her body care arsenal. I can't wait to get another jar, this time for myself!


I fell in love with the packaging but the products were so great too! I had to order more!

Love these products- definitely will be buying more_

I've mostly been using it as a shave cream, and it does the job well. It has a sweet scent, is thick and creamy, and the packaging and product are both aesthetically pleasing with the cream having what looks like 3 subtle colors layered inside. I have already purchased more products from Bella & Bear and tried their sample pack of shampoo/conditioner/scrub/face mask, all of which I loved and am happy to buy in the future. Enjoying these & highly recommend:)

A Sweet Lather

I wanted to try something different than shower gel, and I am so glad I did. I totally feel like a colorful unicorn in the shower with the pink, white, (or maybe it's an off yellow?), and blue layers. The product is very thick so you just need a little bit to lather up, like a finger tip amount. The scent is light, a bit fruity, and does not really linger after, which I personally like. I've used it to shave as well, and I get a close shave and super soft legs. I will definitely buy this again! Thank you Bella and Bear!

Just Beachy

The beach baby body butter leaves your skin silly smooth all day and leaves a wonderful beach smell that I fall in love with every day!! My new favorite after bath product!!!

pleasant and effective

This salt scrub has a light scent. I would describe it as more masculine or musk like. It is great for the man in your life to get a little pampering too. It leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized. It is a good value for the money. I love all Bella and Bear products and would recommend any of this line.

love this product

smells good and gently exfoliates

Buy this! You won�t regret it

This the best exfoliating scrub I�ve found thus far. It�s not super thick and doesn�t leave a residue which I love. Gets the job done. My legs have never been smoother

It�s really great :)

I really enjoy that this product is healthy for me to use and i love the smell and the texture it adds to my baby soft hair. It adds bounce to my hair and makes styling easier. Love it

Cool product for your hair!

I recently purchased this in addition to the Bella & Bear Hawaiian Sea Salt Conditioner. I have used both now a couple of times. I like the scent and it doesn't weigh my hair down. I love the cute packaging and stated in my other review this would be great in a gift basket. I will definitely purchase again!

Salt beads

It definitely gives my hair some more volume with a light dry appearance. I suffer from oily hair & with this it does the trick super well!However the smell is not impressive. It reminds me of the 90�s kids perfume you�d get in the pack of 5. It�s not a bad smell I�m just not a big fan.The salt beads were surprising but the massage is understanding. Got both the shampoo & conditioner. I wouldn�t recommend the conditioner.I have long thin fine hair & even not washing my hair every other day this only lasted a month.

Good product!

This shampoo works every bit as well as the popular brand, at about a quarter of the price. Definitely will order again.

Large, course salt, great scent, and clean ingredients

While I do love this shampoo and how it leaves my hair, I feel like the salt in it is way too course. Most of it just fell on my shoulders and floor of the shower. It also took a lot of product to work it into a lather. Therefore, I ended up going through it rather quickly. Otherwise, the scent is amazing and it leaves my hair clean and full of body. I also love the simple and clean list of ingredients.

Absolutely amazing!

This shampoo is amazing! The smell is so tropical and fresh, I can't get enough. The chunks of salt leave my hair ocean fresh. I can't say enough good things about this product!


Smaller size then expected but still worth it. The smells are awesome. Plum has a calming smell. And the watermelon is the best

Smell great

Smell great however pretty pricey for the amount you get. Wish they were in bigger bottles for the price


These are a gift for someone. I think they will be fine, just much smaller than what I was expecting.