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I have tried everything and i love the suttle smells. I don't like them to strong so its perfect. Im obsessed with this stuff. I do wish that the sugar scrub smelt like sugar... it threw me off because it reminds me of my husbands man body wash but that wont stop me because it makes your skin so smooth. Best products ever!

Hi Neals , thank you for the review we really appreciate you taking the time We are bringing out new products and scents soon so hopefully they are also something you like, as for the sugar scrub we will revisit that and see if we can make some subtle changes to it Kelly Bella & Bear

It is absolutely wonderful it’s very creamy and doesn’t get hard, it work great and smells amazing

I loved all of the products sent to me in the travel pack, however I am a major scent person, the only drawback for me was not enough scent. Other than that I loved it!

Hi Belinda We deliberately created this range with a very subtle scent but we are hearing from lots of people who prefer a stronger scent also so we will be bringing out products next year with that in mind. We appreciate the feedback form you very much as it really helps us decide on the direction our new products will take :)

I love Bella and bear travel pack. Smells amazing. Loved the shampoo and conditioner. Body scrub has my skin smooth glowing smelling great.

Boxed presentation is very nice

My wife bought these for her but our 6 year old son loves them, the jelly feel is a novelty for him so he looks forward to his shower at night to use them. He loves the colors and having the chance to pick a different color each night. The boxed presentation is very nice, my wife says they will make great presents for girls birthdays and definitely next Christmas.

Relaxation starts with the smell

These salts smell so good, there is a light touch of eucalyptus that feels so relaxing. The jars are nice and look good on the shelf. My wife bought them for her, but she thinks they could make a great gift.

Leaves your skin nice and smooth

My wife bought this soap, she likes the smell and how her skin feels after using it. Our 6 year old loved it too, for some reason the novelty of using a cream instead of a bar of soap is really exciting to him. He likes the smell too.

Great product.

I use this every other day in the shower. It makes my skin so soft. I plan on trying the mango fragrance also. This is a must have and it's a natural product.

I ❤ them all, order multiple to make a set 😀

All of these products smelled absolutely wonderful!!! I cannot believe how yummy they smelled 😀 They were all super easy & a pleasure to use. Each products makes for a wonderful gift!!!

Great smell

Spells just like rose garden. Great scrub.

Skin noticeably softer

The foaming salt scrub leaves your skin feeling noticeably softer to the touch. The scrub has an awesome scent that’s not overwhelming. I love the fact that’s it’s ingredients don’t have any harsh chemicals.

Love the way it feels!

Unicorn whipped bath soap feels and smells awesome. Body always feels clean, relaxed and refreshed after every use. Love how it creates a nice lather for shaving while moisturizing my skin. It’s a great product that’s free of any harsh chemicals love it!

Love the scrub

The salt scrub leaves your skin feeling noticeably softer to the touch. The scrub has an awesome scent that’s not overwhelming. I love the fact that’s it’s ingredients don’t have any harsh chemicals.

Excellent scrub made with quality ingredients

I love the beautiful jar and the crisp, clean smell. It's silky and smooth, not gritty and harsh like most exfoliating scrubs. Definitely the best I've used and will be ordering more!

Bath and Body works who?

Love it! Love it! Love it! I am a huge fan of sugar scrubs. And this one is awesome! Its thicker than I am used to but it works into a nice exfoliating lather. It rinses clean without leaving a residue, its not greasy or oily. And it leaves my skin feeling super soft and smooth! My only hope is they add more fragrances to the collection because I am in love with this stuff and will 100% be buying it again and again!

A little leakage

I like the smell of the soaps and it works great! The only thing I’d say is that the packaging leaked a little onto the box it came in, but other than that, all was good.

Worth every penny

I moved to Oklahoma 5 years ago and my skin took a hit. The products that worked before were of no use. I've tried all sorts of masks, astringents and cleaners with little success. I purchased Bella and Bears The Tropics Face Mask thinking at the very least my face will smell pleasant. I am pleasantly surprised to report that I am noticing a change in my complexion for the better. It's softer and healthier looking. My pores are showing signs of improvement as well. Bella and Bear has a new loyal customer .

Best mask EVER!!

The best mask I have ever tried! First of all it smells like I’m on a tropical island it’s amazing haha. It applied so smoothly and I felt my pores instantly tighten!! I left the mask on for about 30-45 mins and my face felt so refreshed and clean even my acne was a little less red and less noticeable. Definitely will purchase again this is my forever go to mask! And it’s animal cruelty free and vegan which is always a plus!

Cute packaging and nice people

I just received a travel pack and I can’t wait to try everything! I love all the cute packaging and the prices seem really reasonable😊

Works well

Like product I get at lush but half the price

Would buy again!

Perfect size. Great smelling. Definitely love!

Works surprisingly well

Decided to try something a bit new for my hair. As a male I was skeptical about this as the “all in one” mass produced products are what we are told are the best. The decently thick lather works well in short hair and the salt crystals added a nice massage aspect to the daily routine. 5/5 would buy again.

Great shampoo!

Love this shampoo, makes my hair feel so soft!

Squeaky clean hair and scalp

This gets my hair and scalp extremely clean after using a lot of hair products! The sea salt feels great and dissolves pretty well if you take the time to massage it in thoroughly. I highly recommend!

A nifty product.

It took a couple times to get used to this. There is sea salt inside the shampoo. When you massage this into your scalp it feels wonderful.