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Blueberry Cobbler Shower Jelly

I love the jelly! It lathers well and it goes a long way. It also smells good plus the shipment arrived within three days of me placing the order.

Travel Pack Free Sample (pay shipping only)
Cassidy Sansoucie
Sample Pack

Everything smells great and feels great and leaves me feeling pampered 🥰

Beach vacation for your face!

I heard about Bella and Bear through my esthetician and just had to try it! This tropical face mask is amazing! It feels so light and refreshing on your face and not to mention it smells like summertime! Made my skin feel so soft, hydrated and just brighter!

Beach Baby Body Butter

Great shampoo

My daughter loves this shampoo. It helps with her dry scalp and leaves her hair silky and soft. It smells wonderful too!

Sea salt shampoo

I really like the way the salt crystals feel while scrubbing my hair with this shampoo. The sea salt and ocean fragrance helps me feel like a mermaid

Happy wife

She loves ure shower jelly's she got the pink popcorn in a gift basket and loved it so much I wanted to surprise her wth a few more thank you for making it happen the blueberry is awesome cant wait til she tries the fizzy clementine also thanks for prompt shipment happy wife happy life

The Tropics Facial Mask
Theresa Wroblewski
The Tropics Facial Mask

This product is very gentle on your skin while still providing results. I have very sensitive skin so branching out to new products does not typically work well but I received a trial pack and loved how smooth and soft my face felt. When I look at my face it looks brighter and healthier, which anyone with very sensitive and pale skin can tell you, this is not any easy task.

Hawaiian Sea Salt Volumizing Shampoo

Travel Pack Free Sample (pay shipping only)
Debra Wilkerson
Saving for trip

Excited to try your new products.
Saving to use for an upcoming trip

Travel Pack Free Sample (pay shipping only)
Sheila McCleary
Not happy

The sample packs leaked out

Hi We apologize for this and we are aware of the issue as we had a manufacturing fault with a small amount of the packaging sachets. We have fixed this issue but still have occasional units with the problem and we are always happy to replace any order that has this issue

Travel Pack Free Sample (pay shipping only)
Trish Slaughter
New shampoo for me!

I loved everything in this travel kit! I ended up buying a full size of everything in it because I enjoy it so much. Really excited for future products! :)

Love Flutter Body Butter
Danielle Christian
Body butter

I love this product!! Bella and bear sent me this as a gift in the Bella and bear shelfie. 🐻 It smells AMAZING!! And really firm's ur skin. And makes it so so soft. Thank you Bella and bear 🐻 for sending me such an amazing gift!! I love everything I have gotten so far 😌!! You guys are truly amazing 👏❤💗

Hi Danielle, so glad to hear you enjoyed the beach baby and thank you again for taking part in the #shelfie promo

Travel Pack Free Sample (pay shipping only)

Love everything about this pack, the smells, textures, and how it made my hair and skin feel...

Travel Pack Free Sample (pay shipping only)
Samuel Barker

Travel Pack Free Sample (pay shipping only)

Hawaiian Sea Salt Conditioner

It doesn't work for my hair but works well for my daughter's hair. Her hair is waistline and thick so even tho it was only bought 20 days ago she is almost out she also liked the Hawaiian Seat Salt Shampoo but it's also almost out. I don't like it for my hair type but for hair and scalp it works so well.

Travel Pack Free Sample (pay shipping only)
Allison Williams
Sample pack

I got one of these sample packs for free but paid shipping n I love most of it I didn’t care for the shampoo n conditioner but the other two were awesome the face mask works great and body scrub smells soooo good I definitely want more!

Travel Pack Free Sample (pay shipping only)
Friday Weeks

I absolutely love the shampoo and conditioner! I have scalp psoriasis and it was a wonderful scrub and helped to clear some of it out, not to mention smells amazing! I do also have some patches on my legs and back and the body scrub helped smooth some of it away. I have not tried the mask yet but will be doing that soon. I fully intend on buying more of your products they are just simply incredible 😍. Thank you again for the sample and see you soon for an order!

Travel Pack Free Sample (pay shipping only)
sabrina singleton
Sample pack for vacation

I was ready to go on vacation for the weekend and had forgotten to pick up smaller shampoo and conditioner bottles, I was getting ready to leave and my Bella&Bear showed up! I had forgotten about it with the manic of vacation! I was thrilled! I have to say, I was worried of having to buy extra, but these sample packs, all of them, lasted me the whole weekend, and the shampoo & conditioner were so invigorating I can’t wait to order them and the face mask, was soothing! Thanks #Bella&Bear y’all saved me!

Travel Pack Free Sample (pay shipping only)
Jesenia Rodriguez

Travel Pack Free Sample (pay shipping only)

I love this products!

They’re great products leaves you skin soft and smelling good.
I am recommended

Love this stuff!

Most salt scrubs I’ve found get dried out. Not this one. It’s like salt scrub and lotion in one. Makes my skin super soft and I love the scent!

Great product

I bought this for my hands, my mom has sensitive skin like me and it worked like a charm for her
Thank you for such a excellent product


As a frequent customer I appreciate this opportunity to buy in bulk what my daughter needs for her keratosis pilaris. The sugar scrub is my absolute go to because of its vegan materials and the thick crystals that help exfoliate the best.

Soft skin

While I didn't love this scent or how the hand cream feels a bit sticky putting it on, I do feel very moisturized after it soaks in!