Wedding Guest Makeup

Wedding season is fully upon us and, while none of us would dream of upstaging the bride, it is nice to dress for the occasion and sparkle. So, today's look is designed to help you get for any weddings you may be attending this year! Its simple, elegant and classy and we hope you enjoy it too.
After applying some moisturiser for a flawless canvas we are contouring the face for some gorgeous structure. We've used the BH Cosmetics contour and blush palette and our Bella&Bear Margay Cat brush to get smooth lines right along the cheekbones, the jawline, down the sides of the nose and the temples.
We are following this by applying a longlasting, strong coverage foundation, this makeup needs to last all day after all! We are buffing Revlons Photoready Airbrush Foundation all over the face with our Bella&Bear Lynx Kabuki brush. We love this brush as it perfectly blends and evens out foundation for a completely seamless finish.
To disguise any problem areas we are going in with a complete coverage concealer (hint; we're using Revlons Age Defying Concealer) and our Bella&Bear Golden Cat small concealer brush. We are brushing the concealer outward on the face to maximise the light it lets onto the skin - camouflaging any blemishes and dark spots perfectly.
To begin work on the eyes we are lightly dabbing some Benefit Stay Dont Stray eyesahdow primer all over the eyelid and up to the brow bone. Using an eyeshadow primer will make your shadows more vibrant and will also help them to last extra hours once applied! TIP; dab on the primer with your ring finger as this is the most gentle finger, so you wont damage your delicate eye area skin.
Afterwards, we are taking our Bella&Bear Pampas Cat brush and a matte cream shadow, like 'Foxy' from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, and we are blending it all over the eyelid and right up to the brow bone - this will help to even out the skin tone on the eyelid and it'll also make a great base for any other eyeshadows.
To create a deeper set, larger looking eye, we are going to apply a matte taupe shadow to the crease of the eye. We are using 'Tease', also from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and we are using our Bella&Bear Bornean Bay Cat brush to work it into the crease of the eye in a windscreen wiper motion.
For a little glitter glam we are taking a rose gold metallic shadow and the angled brush end of our Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx brush and we are applying it right along the outer two thirds of the lashline.
To really define the eyes and give them an elegant shape, we are picking up our Bella&Bear Caracal eyeliner brush and some black gel liner and we are creating a thin, extended wing along the top lashline. Take your time with this, the eyeliner brush will help you get maximum control and a neater line.
After applying some black khol liner to the lower waterline and a thin swipe of Urban Decays Perversion mascara we are going in with some false lashes. This step is optional but we feel it gives a little something extra for such a special day. We are using our Bella&Bear angled tweezers and are applying our Ardell Demi Wispies as close to the natural lashline as possible. You can then apply another thin layer of mascara if you wish, to blend the falsies in with your natural lashes.
We want to finish the eyes by framing them with some gorgeous brows. To start, we are brushing them through to the desired shape with the spoolie end of our Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx brow brush and we are then filling them in with the angled end of the brush and some Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade. You can then brush through them with the spoolie again to even out any extra product.
Lets add some colour back into the face we are grabbing our ELF Studio Bronzing quad and our Bella&Bear Tiger powder brush and we are lightly dusting the cheeks and temples.
For a heavenly highlight we are going in with our Bella&Bear Cheetah Duo Fibre powder brush and some Makeup Revolution Blushed Heart in 'Peachy Pink Kisses' and we are using the lightest shade to highlight the high points of the cheeks, the tip of the nose, the brow bones, the cupids bow and the inner corners of the eye. Check out that glow!
To keep the focus on those poppin' eyes we are keeping the lips minimal. We are applying a nude matte shade (we're using MAC Velvet Teddy) and keeping the lips to their natural shape
To keep this gorgeous look in place all day we are finishing with a liberal spiritz of Urban Decays All Nighter Setting Spray.
This look is perfect with free-falling hair or even with a pushed back 'do. We simply brushed our hair to one side with our Bella&Bear 'The Bear' paddle brush and tied it into a low, side ponytail - making sure to leave a small section at the back out. We then wrapped the back section around the hairband and pinned it at the back of the ponytail for a chic twist!
Dont forget, you can find all of the Bella&Bear tools used in this look listed in our online store right now! We'd also love for you to tag us on facebook or Insta (@bella_andbear) so we can see your recreations!