D.I.Y 4th July flower crown

That wonderful time is here - July 4th! Time to get together with your loved ones and celebrate! However you and yours decide to celebrate, be sure to get all dressed up and make the most of the occasion! In today's post, we're showing you how to make this adorable flower crown, its got the patriotic colours of Old Glory and is perfect for your BBQs, parties and firework displays!

Our flower crown is simple to make and it sure is eye-catching! 

You can find faux flowers at your local craft store, online or even at a market stall like we did.  You'll also need an Alice band to glue your blooms to - a fabric covered one will work better than a plastic one as the glue will adhere to it more strongly and hold better.  

Begin by covering your work surface; you could use sheets of newspaper or an old sheet - this will make it easier to clean up after and will stop anything getting sticky or damaged.

Then, put on your glue gun to heat up. Meanwhile, start to cut the flower heads off of their stems and lay out all of your flowers around your headband, re arranging until you are happy with how they look; you may want to follow the design of the flag and keep your blues to the left with alternate red and whites to the right, or you may want to mix the colours completely, just keep rearranging your flowers until you like what you see! 

Once your glue gun is heated you can begin to glue your design down. Its best to begin with any leaves or foliage you may be using, then move onto larger flowers and finally the smallest ones - we love using our Bella&Bear pointed tweezers to place the flowers on for accuracy and to stop our fingers getting sticky or burned from the glue gun.

While your crown doesn't necessarily need to be symmetrical its good to have even distribution of flowers, so hold your crown out in front of you periodically to see if you can spot any sparser areas, you can then fill them in! 

Then, your crown is ready! Allow a few hours for the glue to cool and set completely and then pop it on with your fave hairstyle! We also paired it with a classic red lip!

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