6 ways to style a bandana

Accessories make the outfit - that's what they say anyway! Today we are showing you 6 ways to style one of Summers greatest accessories - the bandana! They come in many fabrics and colours so there really is one for every outfit!


You may not be straight of the set of a Western movie, but you'll never go out of style with a classic neckercheif. Adding a dash of colour and style to any outfit and so simple to achieve!

  • To fold your bandana like this, start by folding it in half at the points to get a triangle.
  • Next for the longer end down toward the point, keeping the folds around 2-3 inches each)
  • Finally, wrap the bandana around you neck twice and then knot the ends to one side!


This is a fun way to wear your hair - and great for those hot days too!

  • We like to start by curling our hair and brushing it through with our Bella&Bear Brush on You detanler to make them loose.
  • Now, with your bandana folded in half at the points place it on the head with the points to the front, holding onto the longer ends.
  • Next, pull the longer ends around to the front of the head and knot them, so that the point is hanging low beneath the knot.
  • If the ends are still long you can pull them around the back and knot them again
  • Finally, with the point at the front, simply pull it upward and tuck it behind the knot!


This simple headband look can be styled with a vintage vibe or a casual day vibe, its so versatile.

  • First, pull your hair back into either a loose bun or a ponytail
  • Begin by, again, folding the bandana in half at the points to make a triangle.
  • Now, from the longer end fold the bandana downward in 1-2 inch folds.
  • You can then wrap the bandana around the front of the front of the head and tie the ends just over to one side.
  • Finish by tucking the loose ends underneath the main part of the headband.


This is the perfect for solution for making your standard ponytail look a little bit extra. We also love this method for beach days when you want fuss free, stylish hair.

  1. Start by pulling your hair up into a loose pontyail - we like to curl the ends and tease some strands out around the front.
  2. Now, fold your bandana in half at the points to make a triangle
  3. Next, from the longer end, fold the bandana downward with 2 inch folds.
  4. Finally, wrap the bandana around your ponytail, knotting it on the very top and allowing the ends to hang either side of the hair.


    Much like the 'perfect ponytail' this is a lovely way to dress up your hair on more casual days. Use a silk bandana to make this perfect wedding guest hair!

    • We like to have wavy hair with this so we begin by curling the hair and brushing the curls out using our Bella&Bear Brush on you detangler.
    • Next we use our Bella&Bear Comb to separate the top half of the hair and pull it back into a half-up ponytail, keeping it loose. We also tease some strands out around the front.
    • Now, fold your bandana in half so the points meet.
    • Continue folding the bandana downward from the longer ends in 1 inch folds.
    • Now, wrap the bandana around the hair and knot it at the top, letting the ends flow down.


    A simple way to add a touch of chic to your favourite arm candy. A silk scarf looks especially pretty!

    • Start by folding the bandana in half so that the points meet and you get a triangle.
    • Continue by folding the bandana downwards from the long end, in 2 inch folds.
    • Tie your bandana around one strap of your handbag, knotting it in the middle and allowing the ends to hang.

    Every girl has a tonne of bandanas lying around which usually go unworn - so get creative with yours and be sure to share your #bellaandbearbabes snaps with us on Insta for a chance to be featured on our grid!