Gruesome Gatsby Halloween Look

Halloween is fast approaching us and in the spirit of the season we've decided to put together this spooky-glam look which is easy to achieve but oh-so effective.

We used our Bella & Bear 'The Kitten' 15 piece brush set and our Bella & Bear 'Cats Eyes' 5 piece brush set to achieve the look and the results are beautiful, don't you think?
You don't have to include contact lenses to complete this look but we think they give it such a hauntingly beautiful edge!

As always you should begin with a clean, dry and moisturized face for maximum flawlessness!
We then applied our MakeUp Forever HD foundation over the face with our Bella&Bear 'Lynx' kabuki brush.
We have applied a foundation just one shade lighter than the natural skin tone to add a pale, ghostly look.

Next, we applied some concealer to the underneath of the eyes using our Bella&Bear 'Ocelot' concealer brush, to blend in and give a blank canvas to the face.
We then started the eye makeup by using our Bella&Bear 'Black Footed cat' angled brush and some matte black shadow from the BH Cosmetics 'Take me to Brazil' palette and began to fill in the eye area.
Start by drawing a straight line from the inner edge of the eyebrow right down to the inner corner of the eye and also from the outer end of the brow to the outer corner of the eye - then continue to fill the area in - and don't forget to go over your brows too - we will be creating new ones later!
Don't worry if your shadow application is a little patchy, it adds to the 'worn out' effect of the look.

Then, using your Bella&Bear 'Fishing Cat' brush and the same black eyeshadow, apply it along the bottom lash line to ring the eyes and balance the look out.
You can then go in with a kohl pencil to line the waterline and make the eyes very dark and sunken in.
We also curled the lashes with the Bella&Bear 'Eye&Mighty' curler and added a swipe of the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara for a little glam!
To start the brows use your Bella&Bear Fishing Cat brush and either a brow powder or a matte brown shadow and create a tiny angled line just above the inner edge of your natural brow.
You can then continue the line above your brow and drag it down the side of the eye to create a look of despair.

To give the face a hollow more ghoulish look, pick up some matte grey shadow on your Bella&Bear Margay Cat brush and apply it along the lower cheek bones, the temples and gently down the sides of your nose.

You can then pick up some rose blusher on your Bella&Bear 'Cheetah' duo fiber powder brush and lightly dust the apples of the cheeks. Even though this is a Halloween look, we still want it to stay in keeping with the glamour of the era.
If you are feeling adventurous you can use a small paint brush to apply a circle of liquid latex to one side of the forehead.
While the latex is drying, apply some Gerard Cosmetics Cherry Cordial lipstick with you Bella&Bear 'Rusty spotted cat' lip brush. You can line the lips first to make sure you keep them precise and on point if you like. We have slightly exaggerated the cupids bow, too.
Once the latex is dry us the blunt end of your paint brush to poke a hole in the middle of it and gently push the brush underneath the latex too, to create a wound like mark.

To give some gore to the look, use your Bella&Bear Pampas Cat brush to dab some black, brown and purple eyeshadows over the latex - this will give it a bruised look. You can keep adding and mixing shadows until you are happy with how dramatic it is.
Then use your paintbrush to apply some Snazaroo SFX blood to the centre of the wound mark for some truly terrifying gore! We gently pressed the paintbrush against the forehead to get the blood to drip down a little!
To make the look more beautifully haunting we added some white mesh lenses - but, of course, this is completely optional!
And to give it that Gatsby glam we tied back the hair and added this headdress (which is actually an old necklace), a pearl necklace and this faux fur shawl!
We also sprayed a small piece of hair to the side of the face to finish the look!

This look is so easy to complete and can be as glam or a gory or you wish!
We hope you liked this tutorial and we'd love to see your recreations - so post to our social media or tag us on Instagram @Bella_andbear!

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