Winter Skincare with Dermalogica

As deep winter sets in, it is crucial to remember to spend some extra time and attention on your skin. The mix of the cold, dry air outside and artificial heat and air indoors can play havoc with your skin, leading to all kinds of concerns - namely dryness & flakiness.
It is important to know that your skin is always changing, there are all kinds of factors that can affect it; environmental, weather, diet, health and even your everyday make up, so noting down the best products for your skin type can be a great place to start in giving your skin a flawless,smooth appearance and a long lasting softness!
Good skincare can also lead to flawless make up application throughout the winter months - there is nothing more frustrating than battling with dry skin and foundation - the two just don't work together, so giving your skin the proper care will also benefit your make up routine too!
Of course there are some simple tips to start your super-skin journey; such as keeping hydrated by drinking lots of water or herbal teas and getting a good rest each night, but using the right products for your skin is just as important.
Just imagine piling an already oily skin with an oil based product - it just doesn't make sense. So, knowing what to use is always the best place to start.
I love Dermalogica, as all of their products are professionally developed, thoroughly tested, and made with an array of specific skin concerns in mind. These products are used in many salons, so it is comforting to know that if it is good enough for the professional industry, it must be of a good, high standard.
In this post, am going to show you the best Dermalogica skin products to select for your skin type to ensure a winter of happy, healthy skin!
Oily Skin
Cleanser: Dermalogicas 'Dermal Clay Cleanser' . This Cleanser is made with purifying botanical extracts to remove excess oils and it contains no artificial fragrances or colours. Toner; Dermalogica's 'Multi-Active Toner'. This toner refreshes and hydrates the skin. It works to prepare the skin for proper moisture absorption! Exfoliate; Dermalogica's 'Skin Prep Scrub' has been specifically developed for skins with excess oil production. Masque; Dermalogica's 'Sebum Clearing Masque' is perfect for oily skin as it absorbs excess oil and works to prevent future break outs. Moisturiser; Dermalogica's 'Active Moist' is lightweight and oil-free, it works to protect and fight dry skin!
Sensitive Skin
Cleanser; Dermalogica's 'UltraCalming Cleanser' will keep skin in tip top condition with its extremely gentle formula. Toner; Dermalogica's 'UltraCalming Mist' is perfect for sensitive skin, it works to relieve and hydrate aggravated skin! Exfoliation is not recommended for sensitive skin as it can cause redness and aggravation. Masque; Dermalogica's 'UltraCalming Relief Masque' is perfect to soothe and provide relief. Moisturise; Dermalogica's 'UltraCalming Serum Concentrate' will leave skin calmed and restored! Protect; Dermalogica's 'Super Sensitive Shield SPF 30' is a great addition to your skin care routine. It is chemical-free and protects skin in sensitised conditrions!
Dry Skin
Cleanser; Dermalogica's 'Essential Cleansing Solution' is perfect to combat dry skin, as it has a rich, creamy & deep conditioning formula. Toner; Dermalogica's 'Multi-Active Toner' will work to hydrate dry skin! Exfoliate; Dermalogica's 'Gentle Cream exfoliant' is perfect for dry skin, its gentle cream formula will protect and moisturise while the non-abrasive acid exfoliation leaves skin soft! Moisturise; Dermalogica's 'intensive moisture balance' is designed to combat dry skin! Protect; Dermalogica's 'Skin Hydrating booster' will keep dry skin intently hydrated!
Ageing Skin

Cleanser; Dermalogica's 'skin resurfacing cleanser' is perfect for smoothing and retexturising skin! Toner; Dermalogica's 'antioxidant hydramist' will work to refresh and firm skin. Exfoliation; Dermalogica's 'multivitamin thermafoliant' polishes to smooth the surface and enhance the skins appearance! Moisturise;Dermalogica's 'Dynamic skin recovery'will encourage firmness of the skin and protect from sun ageing of the skin! Protect Dermalogica's 'Overnight repair serum' will maximise skin repair to help erase fine lines!
As you can see, Dermalogica offer a specialised product for each skin condition, meaning you can expect a glowing and healthier skin in no time! You can find out more about Dermalogica and their products here. Dermalogica offer free delivery and free samples on all orders!