Jingle Bell Nails

The spirit of the season has truly arrived and there really is no simpler way to give your outfit a festive touch than with some beautiful nails!
I love it when the sparkle season hits and the stores release special 'limited edition' products! Barry M have some very lovely, festive polishes this year and 'Christmas Tree' has been my Inspiration for today's simple nail look. It is very easy to overload on glitters and sparkles at this time of year, but I prefer a more understated look - keeping it simple & girly, but still festive and this nail look is perfect for that!
To get this gorgeous nail look, start by making sure that your nails are clean and dry - this will allow for the smoothest appilcation and will give longer lasting results!
* Apply a good base coat, I love Sally Hansens 'Double Duty Base & Top Coat' as it protects the nails from stanining and also helps them to grow long and strong, which is especially important at this time of year when the cold weather can make nails brittle!
TOP TIP; Always make sure you leave a 5 minute drying period between each new coat of polish!
* Once your base coat is dry, apply a coat of Barry M's Gelly nail Polish in 'Lychee'. This polish has a gel formula to enhance shine and last on your nails for an age! I really love using this neutral colour as a base, as it means the look stays classy and simple, plus, anything you top it with is going to look extra dazzling! I usually find one coat of this polish is enough but if you would like to, you can apply extra layers.
* To top it off, apply a gentle swipe of Barry M's limited edition Glitter Polish in 'Christmas Tree' at the base of the nail. I decided to keep it just at the base for just a touch of sparkle but you could apply it all over the nail for extra dazzle! This polish is so fun and festive and is also very eye catching!
* To make sure your polish stays perfect for as long as possible, apply a coat of Sally Hansen's 'No chip top coat' which, not only dries fast but gives a super high gloss shine finish, too!
It really is that simple to create a festive nail design, and this one is particularly good for those who are short on time but don't want to go without!
What is your favourite seasonal polish?
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