Brush On You Detangling Brush Set

f you're like me and have impossibly long hair, you will understand the struggle and pain of brushing it through properly .. it tangles at the slightest sight of a breeze and just refuses to co-operate!
But If you love Bella&Bear products, you'll be pleased to know there is a solution to your problem .. the Bella&Bear 'Brush on you' Detangling set!
This set comes with a detangling, wide-toothed comb and brush, both great for use on wet or dry hair and perfect for those with long hair, short hair, thick hair, thin hair, frizzy hair, straight hair, curly hair .. or anything you can think of, it glides through tangles with precision and ease ..  no pulling, tugging or dragging here, which also makes it the perfect accessory for brushing childrens hair without causing fuss or hassle!

The gorgeous mint comb features a print of Bella&Bears adorable logo along with an easy grip handle and big wide teeth to make sure all tangles are banished and you are left with beautiful sleek hair!
The brush proudly displays Bella&Bear's signature floral design and also features an easy grip handle to make sure you can brush right through with ease and comfort. It also brushes smoothly to make sure that there is much less damage to your hair versus an ordinary brush!
This set is available on our Amazon USA store Here and our Amazon UK store Here and both come with a 100% lifetime guarantee so you can rest assured that your tresses will live happily ever after!