The Pluckers Tweezer Set

Brows. They make a big statement these days and its nice to be able to keep yours in check wherever you are. Some people prefer to let them get a little wilder and bushier while others prefer a more precision look, but one thing is for sure, we all rely on one common tool to keep them neat and tidy. Tweezers.
So, you will be pleased to know that Bella&Bear have our very own tweezer set on offer! A gorgeous set featuring 3 kinds of tweezers for every use imaginable and an adorable pouch for safe keeping and travelling.
Slanted Tweezers - These are the kind that most of us know and love. These tweezers give great accuracy and precision making them fantastic for shaping the brows and keeping them looking their best!
Pointed Tweezers - These are wonderful for very fine hairs and even ingrown hairs - making them perfect for other areas of the body too, where ingrown hairs can be more of a problem, Double that with the ability to easily remove splinters and you have yourself a very handy tool indeed.
Straight Tweezers - These tweezers are perfect for hair removal which is on a larger area of the skin. They are agile and accurate and are a great thing to have with you.
Floral Pouch - This pouch is perfect for keeping your lovely new tweezers clean and in check. The pouch closes with a tab which means it is ideal for travelling and it features Bella&Bear's gorgeous signature floral design making it ultra girly and fun!
 The set is the perfect accessory to any girls handbag and is available now on our Amazon USA store Here and our Amazon UK store Here - After all, 'People will stare, make it worth their while'.