Ultimate Eyeliner Guide

Eyeliner is something that is a part of almost every woman's daily make up routine nowadays, but many of us just like to wear it one way. There are a million possibilities when it comes to eyeliner, from formula to application method to style and this post is going to explore and explain all of them. It is fun to switch up your style every now and then or even just to give something new a try once in a while, so grab your favourite liner and get ready for an eye overhaul!
Eyeliners come in many a format and everyone has their own favourite, with pencil topping the charts. Each format can give a different result so pick them up for yourself, see what suits you best - and get creative!
Liquid - Although liquid liner is the hardest of all to apply, it does give the boldest look and is very versatile. It usually comes with a 'built-in' brush or applicator tip and is best applied with a steady hand, so take your time and practise. Liquid liner comes in a rainbows worth of colours so you can easily create any look required! When applying, make sure to keep as close to the lash line as possible and always begin in the centre of the eye for an even line. Liquid liner is perfect for a well defined and dramatic look, it can create thin lines that can be built up to give the desired effect.
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Kohl/Pencil - This is the easiest formula to control and correct, making it the most popular and most commonly used among women. It is important to keep your pencil liner hygienic by cleaning its sharpener after each use. A sharpened pencil liner wil give the neatest and best design. Simply apply by 'drawing' along your lash line, as close to the lashes as possible. Many women love pencil liners as they can be smudged to give a softer or even a more dramatic look and they can even be applied on the water line for a shot of colour!
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Felt - Felt liners are relatively new and hard to come by on the makeup market. They are a dream to use, but, like liquid liner, require somewhat of a steady hand and some practise. Felt liners come in a tube with a built in nib so application is done solely with the product, and it also makes them great to bring on your travels. Simply draw the product along your lashlne  as if with a felt tip pen, and allow it to dry.
Gel/Cream - This formula is preferred by professional make up artists but it is becoming increasingly popular on the mainstream market, with many make up brands bringing out their own versions, in a variety of colours! Gel & Cream liners usually come in a small pot and  are sometimes supplied with their own angled or slanted brush to apply the product with precision. You will need somewhat of a steady had to apply this formula, even though the gel/cream liners glide across skin easily, a steady hand will guide it nicely into the desired design. This formuila is perfect for sumdging as it takes a little longer to dry and lasting time is very good.
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Eyeshadow - Probably the least used eyeliner is a simple, everyday eyeshadow. When paired with a stiff, angled brush, or even a pencil brush it can become your best eyeliner friend. Simply dip your brush into your favourite eyeshadow and draw along your lash line - mineral or loose eyeshadows work particularly well. This formula is great for blending and smudging to give a gentler look, but it should never be applied along the waterline as it can really irritate the eyes.
There are various ways to apply your eyeliner, some ways will work better with particular formulas and all will give a different and unique finish to your look.
Built-In - This type of applicator typically comes with liquid and felt eyeliners, either as a nib or a fine brush attached within the lid. The built in applicator is great for travelling and taking with you as you don't need to pack various tools aswell as your liner. Built in nibs give control and precision but are often harder to achieve fine or thin lines with. Built in brushes are trickier to use and will require a stady hand, but they do give a cleaner and finer line, meaning they can be built up and will work fantastically for an array of designs.
Angled Eyeliner Brush - This type of applicator is great as it gives the results of a regular brush but with added steadiness and precision. The bend or 'angle' in the brush means you are able to twist and turn your arms to any angle you find comfortable but your vision of your eyelid will not be compromised. This type of brush is great for practising with before you use an ordinary fine tipped brush and they often come in stiff bristle form or a silicone tip. This type will work very well with liquid eyeliners, as well as gel or cream formulas.
Blending Brush - Blending brushes are not just for eyeshadows Using a small or fine tipped blending brush can open up new possibilities when it comes to eyeliner designs! Blending out a pencil/kohl or eyeshadow eyeliner with this type of brush can give a softer look. Blending a little of your eyeliner under the lower lashline will give definition to the eyes and will make your eye colour pop. A lot of women like to blend out their eyeliner as it can give a more toned down look which is great for daytime appointments.
Precision / Slanted Brush -  As well as working well with your eyeshadow eyeliner, this applicator works particularly nicely with pencil liners. If you aren't comfortable putting the pencil formula straight onto the lash line, you can brush some of it onto your slanted brush and apply it instead. The slant of the brush will allow you to create winged liner looks, and using the brush will allow you to build up colour and definition of the look.
The style in which you apply your eyeliner can really make or break your look. if applied correctly it can give your eyes beautiful shape and definition as well as leaving them looking wider and more awake, while incorrect application can lead to panda looking eyes and can even give the appearance of smaller eyes! It is important to bear your natural eye shape in mind when applying eyeliner. Applying too much can over power smaller eyes, but applying certain designs on certain eye types can really define them and give them the ultimate look. So, which style suits your eye shape?
Close set eyes - if your eyes are close set (near to the nose), it will work well for you to use designs that are thicker on the outside of the eye - this will give the appearance of the eyes being a little further apart, perfectly balancing out the face. 'Winged eyeliner' (or the 'Winehouse Wing') is a great design to try, just make sure you don't extend the line down to your tear duct, or you will bring the eyes closer together again. Always start your design in the middle of the eye and work outwards to make sure your line is even and lies totally along the lash line. You can even try adding some colour to the outermost third of the eye to bring the eyes further apart and make them pop!
 Wide set eyes - Having wide set eyes means that the eyes are further away from the nose than usual. To combat this and make the eyes appear a little closer, focus on liner styles that bring detail to the inner eye. With wide set eyes it is always a good idea to start your design at the inner corner of the eye (just next to the duct) and work outward, making sure your liner ends when the lash line ends!
Deep set eyes - Deep set eyes make your eyebrows appear more prominent as your eyes are set deeper into the skull. Keep this in mind when applying your liner. It is a good idea to choose eye looks that are less heavy, so styles like the 'classic wing' are perfect. Finer lines and lighter eyeshadows will stop your eyes looking 'sunken in' and will define their shape perfectly. You could even try the 'Double Mod' look - just make sure to keep it fine and clean, heavy or smoky eyeshadows will only make the eyes appear even deeper set!
Prominent eyes - Prominent eyes can sometimes give the appearance of projected eyeballs, but something great about this eye shape is that you have a lot of eyelid space to get creative with! You can try out all sorts of colours and styles! To make the eyes appear a little flatter to the face use thick eyeliner styles like the 'Winehouse Wing' or the 'Double wing'. Styles like this - plus the use of darker eyeshadows - will give a beautiful eye shape, you could even get creative and try out the 'Soft smoke' for special occasions!
Hooded eyes - Hooded eyes can be tricky to dress as the eyelid can appear non existent. Too much of a thick line can make the eyes appear smaller while a thinner or finer line will simply go unnoticed. But dont worry, you can use your pencil liner to line the upper water line - this will give the eye beautiful shape and definition as well as making the lashes look thicker and darker!
Small eyes -  if you have smaller eyes that are not hooded, it is always the safest option to go with thin liner styles. You can use your angled liner brush for ultimate precision.The 'Arabic' style is perfect for smaller eyes as the addition of having the outer half of the lower lashline lined will frame your eyes perfectly without overwhelming them with product.
Eyeliner is an indispensable tool to have in your make up kit. The more you practise applying it the more confident you will get and the sky will be the limit! When you apply your liner keep your eye shape in mind and test out different formulas to see which works best for you! Tag us on Instagram with #bellaandbear and show us your signature style!