Soft Valentines Look

Its almost that time of year, and whether your planning a romantic date with your one true love or a simple lunch with friends it’s always nice to get into the spirit and put on some pretty make up! And its never been easier, now that we have released our gorgeous, professional make up brush kit !

This soft look is perfect for a day time date and is so easy to do that you’ll wish it was valentines day all year round!

So, let’s begin …


Starting with a cleansed and moisturised face, you can apply your favourite skin primer – we love Maybelline’s baby skin instant fatigue blur. This will brighten up your skin, mask pores and also give your make up a great base, allowing it to last all day (or night!).

To sculpt a model worthy face structure, take your favourite contour powder and your Leopard’ tapered face brush and begin to contour your cheek bones, down the sides of your nose, your temples and hairline and your jawline! We love to use the BH Cosmetics Contour and blush palette to achieve the perfect look.

Next, you can take your favourite foundation (we love the ELF HD flawless finish foundation) and your ‘Lynx’ flat kabuki brush and apply a nice layer of your foundation all over the face and slightly on the neck, so that you don’t end up with a ‘tide line’. Our flat kabuki brush gives smooth, even results!

To highlight the face and give it some shape, take your favourite concealer product and your Ocelot large concealer brush and begin to blend into your skin, focusing on the area under the eyes, down the centre of the nose, your chin and your forehead. You may also chose to cover any problem areas or blemishes that you have. Using a concealer brings light and life to the face and covers any dark circles which can make you look tired. We are loving the Collection lasting perfection concealer!

To keep everything perfectly in place, pick up your favourite powder (loose or packed!), and your ‘Tiger’ large powder brush and gently brush it all over the face and neck. Our Tiger brush allows for a light, even and non-cakey application! We love to use the Rimmel stay matte powder as it gives a matte finish that stays in place for hours!

Lets start work on those eyes!

To ensure they are prepped and all your hard work stays in place, it is important to apply a primer all over the lid. We love to use Nicka K Perfecting eye shadow primer. Then you can go in and curl those lashes with your perfect ‘Eye&Mighty’ lash curler – you’ll have sky high lashes in no time! Keep the curler clamped on each eye for 30 seconds for maximum results!

To begin that soft, cut-crease look just pick up your ‘Fishing Cat’ Flat definer Brush and some deep pink or pomegranate eye shadow. We love to blend ‘Aphrodite’ and ‘Jupiter’ from the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette. Gently apply the shadow in the crease of the outer third of the eye and bring it out to a slight wing.

Our flat definer brush will allow precise application and you can build up the colour to look as dramatic as you’d like.

To blend that line in for a softer look, pick up your ‘Jaguarundi’ Blending Brush and a matte dusty pink shadow and begin to gently blend the line upward and outward. This will give a more deilcate look and a softer feel to the eye.

Next, taking a cream or white shadow and your ‘Marbled Cat’ Short Shader Brush apply the shadow all over the lid of the eye and, again, gently wing it out so that it blends well with the cut crease line.

We love the Make Up Academy Elysium palette for these steps – it has a perfect mix of matte and shimmer shades that are just made for looks like this!

Using a light pink shimmer shadow and your ‘Bornean Bay Cat’ Tapered Blending Brush apply a light dusting all over where you just applied the white/cream shadow – this will allow for a less harsh contrast between colours and will make it much more romantic looking.

You can also go back in with your ‘Fishing Cat’ Flat definer Brush and the shadow you used to create the cut crease and gently line under your lower lash line – this will balance the eyes out and give them wonderful definition.

To give the eyes incredible shape and definition you can pick up your ‘Caracal’ Small eyeliner Brush and your favourite liner product (we love the ELF cream liner in black) and create an extended wing along the lash line. Try to keep this line thin for now as you dont want to cover up the cream/white shadow wing you created.

Our Caracal brush is perfect for this as it is small and nimble – giving you complete control and allowing you to build up our liner design!


The look so far!

Once your liner is dry you can apply your favourite mascara – we recommend the Urban Decay perversion mascara - it lengthens and thickens lashes and makes them super dark! And, if you want the look to be extra flirty you can use your ‘The Pluckers’ tweezer set to apply a set of natural looking false eyelashes.

To add a little colour to your face and give it a gorgeous glow, lets apply some bronzer! We love to use the ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing powder duo in ‘St Lucia’. Using your ‘Leopard’ tapered face brush again, you can start to gently dust your cheekbones, hair line and temples!

For a rosy cheek glow apply a dusty rose blusher – we love the blusher from the same elf duo. Use your ‘Cheetah’ Duo Fibre Powder Brush, to dust the apples of your cheeks. This brush picks up just the right amount of powder for a light and even application and is so soft on the skin!


If you want to add some extra dimension and definition to the face just pick up your favourite highlighter and your ‘Jungle Cat’ Tapered Highlighter Brush. We love using the Make Up Academy baked highlighting powder in ‘Iridescent Gold’ and applying it to our upper cheek bones, tip of the nose, brow bones and cupids bow!


And, of course, no make up look would be complete without a gorgeous pout. So, we are begining by applying the ELF longwear Lip Liner pencil in ‘Natural Blush’ all over the lips and topping it off with the ELF essentials lipstick in ‘Charming’ and our ‘Rusty spotted cat’ Lip Brush. We love this colour as it is natural and not too in your face – so it wont take any focus off of your gorgeous eyes!

To keep it all in place, spritz over your face with the Urban Decay ‘All-Nighter’ setting spray! This is our favourite setting product of all time as not only does it keep makeup in place for hours, but it also gives it a gorgeous, flawless finish!


Thats it!

You are a glowing godess ready for the most romantic day of the year! Don’t forget to clean your brushes after use – you can even check out our handy brush care guide for tips and don’t forget to share your re-creation of the look with us on our InstagramFacebook orTwitter! We’d love to see them!

You can shop all of the Bella&Bear Products used in this tutorial on our USA Store or our UK Store right now – so get stuck in!