How to | False Lashes


False eyelashes are nothing new to the beauty scene, but a lot of women struggle to apply them correctly. Resulting in fallouts, lopsided lashes and that OTT 'fake' look.

Today, we are going to show you the simplest trick to applying your lashes - ensuring that they stay in place until removal and look as natural as can be!


Let's start by talking about the kit you will need.

The Kit?! You may ask - but put it this way, you cant bake a cake without all the ingredients, and much like that, you wont be able to apply your false lashes effectively without the proper tools. You're going to need, eyelash glue, your Bella & Bear Slanted tweezers from 'The Pluckers' set, your favourite mascara, your favourite eye liner - and of course, a set of lashes!


You can begin by applying any base skin products and eye products that you want to incorporate into your look. It is always best to apply these first, particularly eyeshadows, as it will prevent fallouts from going onto your false lashes and creating clumps!

I have chosen not to apply any eye shadow so I am going to go straight in with my eyeliner. I am using The Maybelline Color tattoo in 'Timeless Black' and my Bella & Bear 'The Caracal' Eye liner brush.

Always apply at least a thin line of liner before applying your false lashes as it will prevent any gaps between your natural lash line and the falsies, which can really spoil the illusion!

Now you can take your slanted tweezers and gently pick up your lashes with them. You will need to apply a thin line of lash glue (we are using the Eyelure Lashfix adhesive) along the strip of the lashes and just hold them for a second to let it go tacky - this will mean your lashes will adhere correctly and wont slide around.

Keeping the lashes in your tweezers, line them up to your natural lash line - starting on the inner corner of the eye and gently press them as close to the lash line as possible. Starting at the inner corner will mean that you wont be left with lots of spare lashes hanging down in the corner of your eye. If you do have lots spare on the outer corner you can just trim off any excess.

Next, you will need to cover up any clues, so take your eye liner and gently go over the strip of the false lashes to better blend them in with your eye make up.

You can now also go in with your favourite mascara - we are using the new Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, this will mix the false lashes in with your own, giving a natural effect and also strengthening them so that they don't fall out!

Your false lashes are now applied like a pro and you can bat them all day long! Wearing false lashes is always such fun as they open the eyes, give extra definition and will make you feel so feminine! You can just as easily remove your lashes with your tweezers by grasping them at the outer corner and gently peeling the strip off - dont forget to remove your makeup afterwards!

Of course, you could always use your tweezers for a quick brow touch up to open the eye area even further!

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