Romantic Spring Hair


With Spring now upon us, it is nice to know that the weather isn't going to obliterate your hair as soon as you step out the front door! With that in mind we have styled this simple romantic spring hair look with our 'Brush On You' detangling set - it's easy to create and can be accessorised to match any outfit, and best of all, it works wonders on any length hair!


If you're like me, you will know the pain of knots and frizz, so begin by taking your Bella &Bear tangle teaser and brushing out those tangles! Our brush works to gently and painlessly detangle hair and its ergonomic shape means it is super easy to handle and use!

You should also make sure to spritz some heat defence spray onto your hair and brush it through, as this will stop your hair from being damaged by any heated tools you use - we love the Treseme 'Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray'.

Next you need to take the wide toothed comb from your 'Brush on You' detangling set and give your hair a centre parting.

If you have have a fringe keep it separate but if not just section of the front of your hair and keep it separate, tying the rest back into a messy bun so it doesn't get in the way!

Now you need to braid the front sections you have kept out!

I have French braided these sections which is achieved by splitting the hair into 3 strands as with a regular braid, but adding in more hair to each outer strand each time you cross it over the centre strand. Once you run out of hair to add in you can continue with a regular braid until you reach the end of your hair!.

If you don't like the idea of a French braid then a tight regular braid will work just as well!

I tied my braids with a small hair elastic and then tugged at the braid to make it appear thicker and more voluminous!

Once you have completed your braids, just pull them round to the back of your head where your neck meets your skull and secure them into place with bobby pins - this is very cute as it forms a headband around the hair and it also keeps annoying strays out of your face!

I then took the rest of my hair out of the bun and brought it round to the front. If you like the look this way then you can leave it, but I decided to curl my hair for a more feminine and romantic look.

Once you have curled your hair, take your Bella&Bear wide tooth comb and gently brush through the curls to loosen them and give a more natural feel to the look.

I also spritzed my hair with this 'John Frieda frizz ease 100% shine glossing mist' to give it extra shine and bounce!


 To complete this look and make it extra spring time themed I added in these floral hair accessories around the braid.

This look is so simple and quick to complete but it is just so cute. It would look perfect at a spring time wedding or even just out on a walk through the park to see the flowers in bloom! You can even use your Bella&wide toothed comb to lightly back comb the crown of the hair for extra height and volume if you would like to!


If you would like to purchase the Bella&Bear 'Brush on You' detangling set or find out about any of our other pretty products you can visit our USA Store or our UK Store right now! Don't forget, if you leave a review of any of your other Bella&Bear buys then you will be entered into our weekly draw to win a set of our 'The Kitten' 15 piece professional make up brushes!