Top 20 Beauty Hacks

Beauty is a big part of women's' lives nowadays, with the average yearly beauty industry earning topping $160 billion, so its no wonder that we have become beauty savvy and are looking for affordable beauty tips which we can practise at home!


In todays post, we have complied a list of our top 20 ingenious beauty hacks and tricks which are easy to do at home with professional results!




Lets start with skin and hair care. A good skin and hair care routine is something that all women strive to achieve and these handy tips will make it all the easier to do each day at home - and much more affordably!


1. Witchazel. Use Witchazel in your daily skincare routine to fight acne, reduce puffy eyes, heal bruises and even to treat razor burns. You can pick pure witchazel up in health stores, pharmacies and even online (e.g eBay).

2. Cold Water. Use cold water in place of hot water in your haircare routine. Hot water can strip hair of its essential oils, whereas cold water will keep it shiny, healthy and youthful!

3. Sleep on your back. Sleeping on your back can help flight ageing! If you tend to sleep on your side or front with your face squished against a pillow you could be creating excess wrinkles, so try surrounding yourself with pillows to keep you on your back all night for smooth, fresh skin!

4. Out of shaving cream? Use conditioner! Yes, conditioner! It has the same hydrating ingredients as shaving cream, so you'll get the same smooth results.

5. Spritz those pins! Lay your bobbypins out on a cloth or tissue and lightly spritz them with hairspray before using them, this will give them extra grip and strength, keeping them (and your hairstyle) in place all day!

6. Banish flyaways. There's nothing more frustrating than flyaways, but you can easily cure them by running a dryer sheet over your hair! You could even pop the dryer sheet through the bristles of your Bella & Bear 'The Bear' Paddle brush, for extra ease!

7. Soft Soles. Now that summer is approaching, its nice to have soft feet, so rub them with Vaseline and pop on a pair of socks while you sleep to wake up with hydrated and soft soles.

8. Stop the frizz. Towel drying your hair is a quick way to drain out loose water, but the friction from the towel can leave you with frizz, so try 'towel' drying with a t-shirt instead! It'll stop the frizz in no time!

9. Banish blisters. Suffer from blisters regularly? Swipe antiperspirant onto the skin where shoes rub to reduce friction and stop blisters from cropping up!



Nail hacks are a super valuable thing to be equipped with. Doing a manicure can be relaxing and lovely, but there are many frustrating things that come with it, so follow these hacks to banish them for good!


10.White out. Use white polish as your base to make any coloured polishes you use extra vibrant and poppin'.


11. Cool off. Heat actually prevents nail polish from drying, so drop that hair dryer and pop your talons into a bowl of cold water for 1-3 minutes instead. This will half drying time!

12. Burn rubber. Nail polish lid stuck? Wrap an elastic band around the lid of the bottle to give you extra grip when you twist it open! Works like a charm!


13. Freshen up. Pop your nail polish in the fridge 15 minutes before you use it. This will ensure a nice, smooth application!

14. Stick to it. Paint the skin around the nail and the cuticle with PVA glue to stop colour staining the skin. Once your polish is dry you can simply peel the glue off for a professional and clean looking manicure!



There are a world of make up and beauty hacks out there, but here are a few of our favourites!


15. Mean Business. Place a business card behind your lashes when applying your mascara to stop   rub offs' and smudges. This is especially useful on lower lashes.

16. Brow power. Out of brow tamer? Use a little lip balm and a spooly for the same results!

17. Repair the damage. Mix broken powder make up and a little rubbing alcohol to form a paste, you can then pat it down back into its palette and let it dry. It'll be as good as new and ready to use in no time!

18. Pucker up. Use Sugar and coconut oil or Olive oil for a quick DIY lip scrub. Smooth & kissable lips in no time!

19. Let it linger. Apply a little Vaseline to your pulse points before spritzing on your perfume for a longer lasting scent.

20. Heaven scent. Sprtiz your Bella & Bear 'Brush on You' Brush with your favourite perfume before brushing your hair for lightly scented locks!


We hope you have enjoyed our favourite beauty hacks - what are some of your favourites?!

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