The many uses of Vaseline




Petroleum Jelly - or Vaseline , as most of us know it - is a surprisingly useful product to have to hand. I'm sure the majority of us have this little wonder at home and think of it only as a quick way to moisturise the lips but it can be used for so much more!

In today's post, we are going to explore these uses and give a new lease of life to that tub of Vaseline that's been lying in the back of your beauty drawer!


#1 Get Silky Soft Feet.

Summer is just around the corner and that means its time for bare feet and sandals. Get your feet in shape by coating them with Vaseline and covering them with socks overnight. The Vaseline will heal dry & cracked skin, leaving your feet super soft and lovely!


#2 Prevent Blisters

Want to wear your favourite shoes without the risk of unsightly blisters? Simply dab Vaseline onto your feet where the shoes rub to lessen friction and rubbing and stop blisters in their tracks!


#3 A Perfect Tan

Next time you grab that 'tan-in-a-bottle', make sure you first apply a little Vaseline to the dry areas of skin (such as the elbows, knees and ankles) - this will stop your tan getting patchy and unrealistic looking!


#4 Kissable lips

Get super soft and beautiful lips by mixing a little sugar with Vaseline to create a DIY lip scrub! You could even do this on a larger scale to create a tub of your very own body scrub - and you could replace the sugar with sea salt to mix it up!


#5 Model Worthy Legs

After shaving, try rubbing Vaseline onto the legs to smooth out the skin and relieve razor burns or rashes.


#6 Thicker & longer lashes

Before going to sleep, use a clean mascara comb to apply Vaseline to bare lashes. Do this regularly to help your lashes grow thicker and longer! Beautiful!


#7 Brow Power

Out of your Brow mascara? Use Vaseline to tame unruly brows! Dont forget you can also use your Bella & Bear 'The Pluckers' Tweezer set to shape your brows to perfection!


#8 Bare Faced Beauty

Sensitive skin? Vaseline is a great make-up remover which is gentle and kind to the skin.

#9 Easy earrings

If your earring holes have closed up a little or are sensitive, apply Vaseline on both sides of your earlobes to allow the earring to slide through with ease!


#10 Healthy Hair

Split ends? Run a little Vaseline through them to disguise them and have healthy looking hair until your next salon appointment!


#11 Longer lasting perfume

Before applying your perfume, rub a small amount of Vaseline onto your pulse points. This will help the scent to stick to the skin and be longer lasting!

#12 A dewy finish

Swap out your regular highlighter for Vaseline. Dab a small amount of it onto the high points of your face  to give a natural, luminous glow!


#13 Salon worthy Manicure

Apply Vaseline to the cuticles and the skin around your nails before painting them. This will stop any polish smudges or runs from staining your skin and leave you with a manicure that looks as professional as can be! It also keeps the cuticles soft ;)


#14 Younger Eyes

Try applying Vaseline to the skin around the eyes to ward of wrinkles and keep you looking young! It is rumoured that Jennifer Aniston is a fan of this trick - and we all know how great she looks!


#15 Chocolate Lips

Try melting some Vaseline with chocolate chips - put into a tin and allow to harden for your very own chocolate lip balm. You could even try this with powdered drinks like 'Kool Aid' for an endless amount of DIY flavoured lip balms!


Have fun trying out these hacks with your new favourite beauty product - do you have any Vaseline beauty hacks?


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