How to | Feather Mani


If you read our last post you will know that we are super excited for Festival season to take full swing! As well as getting Glastonbury Glam fashion wise, its fun to get creative with other areas such as hair, make up and nails.

In today's post we will show you how to get this gorgeous feather manicure - it can be created in any colour, depending on how outrageous you want to get!



All you will need to get your very own feathered fingers is a base coat, a colour polish, a good quality top coat, a nail file, nail scissors and of course some feathers. We got ours here on eBay , but you can easily pick them up in craft stores, too!



Start with your nails clean and dry. Its a good idea to file them all to one uniform shape and length - this will give a salon worth finish. Its also important to not use any oil based products on the hands just before painting your nails as the oil can make it difficult for any polish to apply to the nails correctly- resulting in sloppy application and premature chipping!



You can then paint your nails with your base coat. This is an important step as not only does it stop any coloured polishes from staining the natural nails, but it also creates a smooth base for your polish application and gives it something to adhere to - meaning your manicure will last longer!

Give this plenty of time to dry (at least 5 minuets) and then go in with your coloured polish. We are using 'Inner Beauty' by China Glaze for a natural, nude finish. You can apply 2 coats for full opaque colour if you need to.



Now, its the fun part!

Paint your nails with your top coat ( we are using Barry M's plumpy top coat for ultimate shine), and allow it to just go tacky. Once it is tacky you can gently press a feather onto each nail - making sure to use the top of the feather on your nail.

We are using natural Guinea fowl feathers and leaving a small gap between the feather and the cuticle to expose the colour underneath.

You can get as creative as you like with your feathers - how about using pink polish and orange feathers for a full on festival vibe?!



Once the feathers are in place and your polish is dry you can use your nail scissors to trim off the excess feather - don't worry if there are some strands on the edge, just use your nail file to gently file and buff them away for a smooth, clean edge.

When you are happy with how everything looks, seal it all in place with another application of top coat.




When this is dry you are good to go! Your manicure is looking fresh and beautiful, so go flaunt it, freespirit!


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