DIY Festival Sunnies


When summer rolls around and the sunshine shows his face, isn't it amazing to put on your favourite pair of sunnies? How about if those sunnies were one of a kind? In todays post we are going to show you how to get your very own pair of completely unique sunglasses - just perfect for festivals and summer days alike!


You could make these in any style or design you like best! We have opeted for the ever popular circle frame glasses, and embellshed them with  variety of cabochons and bling!




So, first, you'll need to gather your supplies! We are using these cute rose pink circle glasses from eBay, plus some floral cabochons and Ivory flatback pearls - also from eBay! We love eBay as you can find so many great pieces at bargain prices - but you can also find bits like these in any craft store.

To attach the embellishments we are using a cool glue gun.






Let your glue gun heat up and make sure you have something handy to lean it on when you are not using it.

It helps to lay out your glasses and arrange the embellishments how you would like them to appear when complete around them. We are just deocrating the top of our glasses but you could go all the way around!

You can then begin to glue the embellishments on, one by one - don't forget to use your Bella & Bear pointed tweezers to pick up the smaller beads and keep your fingers glue free!

Keep decorating until you are pleased with the result! The glue from your glue gun should set pretty quickly but give your new creation plenty of time to dry before you wear them - you can pick any stringy bits of glue off with your tweezers too!




We also deocated a pair of blue tinted circle glasses with these cool faux Silver spikes and flatback star gems for an edgier twist! We picked up these pieces on eBay super cheaply, too! It is important to pick pieces with flat backs so that they adhere correctly and strongly to the frame of the glasses.




Just follow the same simple steps to achieve your very own result!

This version will be perfect for festival fun -they are very eye catching and super shiny.





 There are so many designs you could create to suit your signature style or just for a fun occasion. You can pick up a huge vareity of embellishments and gems very easily and get creative!




As you can see, just a few little gems and a swipe of glue can easily take your sunnies from drab to fab - and best of all they are a one-of-a-kind pair!


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