Nude Lips for your Skintone

Nude lips are hot right now. Super hot. Mega hot. Thanks to Kylie Jenner nude lips are filling up our Instagram feeds and nude lipsticks are flying off shelves everywhere.

But, if your going to rock this trend, its important to do it right. You don't want your lips so nude that they blend in with the rest of your face and turn invisible, its a good idea to have them a shade or 2 darker than your skin so they are the perfect compliment to your look and skin tone.


If you have fair skin its best to choose a nude with pink undertones. Remember its more about matching your lip colour than your skin tone.

Our favourites are Tom Ford in 'Sable Smoke' // Gerard Cosmetics in 'ButterCup' // MAC in 'HoneyLove' // Jeffree Star in 'Celebrity Skin' // Nars in 'Dolce Vita' // CoverGirl in 'Creme 256'



As we mentioned, the key is to avoid nudes that are lighter than your skin - or you can end up looking as though you just have foundation on your lips. Instead, try a nude with peachy or caramel undertones.

We are loving Clinique Chubby Stick in 'Hazelnut' // MAC in 'Fresh Brew' // Tom Ford in 'Pink Dusk' // Make in 'Deep Flesh' // MAC in 'Freckletone' // Illamasqua in 'Starkers' 


If you have gorgeous dark skin its best to choose a nude with red or chocolate undertones. They will emphasize your lips rather than making them look washed out.

We recommend Bobbi Brown in 'Chocolate' // Chanel in 'Farouche' // Covergirl in 'Mocha Locha' // Laura Mercier in 'Brown Sugar' // Bobbi Brown in 'Brown' // Maybelline in Totally Toffee' 


But don't forget that nude doesn't look good on dry lips, whatever your skin tone may be. This is because it can emphasize flakiness and fine lines. To avoid a cracked or dry appearance, exfoliate first. You can find out how to make your own lip scrub with our handy DIY or you could try using some coconut oil and a dry toothbrush!