Goodbye Contouring, Hello Strobing


Contouring has been all the rage for quite some time now, and although it is loved by millions of women, there are some who prefer to keep things more natural and simple when it comes to their makeup routine.

If you are one of those women (or wanting to try something new), say hello to 'strobing' - the new makeup technique that is quickly outdoing contouring and giving the skin a new lease of life.


Strobing works on the principle that you only add light to the face - no shadow. So put down that contour powder and opt for your favourite highlighter instead. For optimal strobing results its important to have an immaculate base, so make sure your skincare routine is in check.

An easy way to strobe is to blend your skincare products with your makeup products - for example, mix moisturiser with your foundation for gorgeous dewy, natural looking skin.

Follow this by highlighting the browbones, the cheek bones, the bridge of the nose and the lips.


Some of our favourite highlighting products which are just perfect for strobing (TL-BR) are;

Revlon PhotoReady Makeup Skinlights face illuminator, Topshop GlowPot in 'Polished', MUA luxe Highlight shimmer stick, Benefit watts up, Topshop glow stick in 'Play Up', Urban decay naked illuminated powder, Benefit High Brow, Sonia Chic luminosity highlighter stick.

Check bag to our blog next week for our step by step guide to strobing! What do you think of this new trend? Will it be as big as contouring?