Simple wedding makeup


During the Summer, it feels as though we all attend a million-and-one weddings, and while you want to look good in all those snaps, it's nice to be able to put together a look that's quick as well as beautiful!

We are using our new 5 piece professional eye brush set 'The Cats Eyes', and our famous 15 piece professional makeup brush set 'The Kitten' to complete this look. All of the brushes are made to the highest quality,will pick up the correct amount of product and will buff and blend your makeup to perfection!



To start,we used some ELF Studio Flawless finish foundation and our 'The Lynx' flat kabuki brush to create a smooth canvas. Use this brush in small circular motions to help buff and blend your foundation onto your skin flawlessly.

We followed this by applying some concealer under the eyes, down the centre of the nose, on the forehead and on the chin with our 'The ocelot' large concealer brush. Choose a concealer which is one shade lighter than your foundation as, not only will it hide dark circles and blemishes,but it will bring light to the face too and give it a desirable shape!

To finish the face and base products we applied some ELF Studio HD setting powder all over the skin with our 'The Tiger' large powder brush. This will set the makeup and help to keep it in place all day.



We want to create a feminine smoky eye for this look so we have reached for the ever popular Urban Decay Naked2 palette.

We are preparing the eyes with some Urban decay priming potion and then going in with a matte cream coloured shadow all over the lid and up to the brow bone - we are using shade 'Foxy' with our new 'Pampas cat' brush.

Then,to create subtle crease definition we are applying a matte taupe shade into the crease of the eye with our new 'Black Footed Cat' brush. We are using shade 'Tease' and gently brushing it into the crease f the eye with a windscreen wiping motion.

To give the eye a feminine look we are applying a rose gold shadow like 'Chopper' over the outer two thirds of the lid with our 'Iromote' brush, and continuing to apply it under the lower lash line, too.

Now, to create a subtle smoky look we are picking up some gold-brown shimmer shadow on our new 'Leopard Cat' pencil brush and applying it to the outer V of the eye, we then blended this out with the 'Pampas Cat'brush for a softer, more romantic look.


Lashes and brows

We are using our 'Caracal' brush to apply some 'side liner' this is when you only line the outer two thirds of the eye and let your lashes do the talking!

We next curled our lashes with our 'Eye&Mighty' lash curler and applied a coat of mascara to the top and bottom lashes - we love the Bourjois 1 seconde volume mascara.

We are then taking some natural looking lashes - such as the Ardell demi wispies and applying them to our top lashes for an extra feminine,flirty look. Give these 20 seconds to dry and then cover the strip of the lashes with some more eyeliner.

We want a soft brow for this look, so we are taking our new 'Iberian Lynx' brush and using the spoolie end to groom and neaten them and then using a powder and the angled brush end to gently fill them in -using brush strokes will give a more natural look!

To finish the eyes, go in with a pearl cream eyeshadow and apply to the inner corner of the eyes and under the brow bone for a gorgeous highlight!


Blush and lips.

Start by applying your favourite lipbalm to the lips and leave it to work its magic.

We are then giving the face some definition by applying some bronzer just along our cheekbones and to the temples. We don't want to add too much of a structured look to the face so avoid contouring too much and, instead, opt for gentle bronzing which will add colour as well as shape to the face. We are using the Rimmel Natural bronzer and our The Leopard brush.

To add a gentle flush to the face we are applying some of the Bourjois Little pot of blush in 'Lune D'or' to the apples of our cheeks with the Cheetah Duo fibre powder brush.

As for the lips, start by lining them and filling them in with the liner. This will ensure that your lipstick wont bleed or feather and it will also mean that it will last longer! You can then fill in your lips using your 'Rusty spotted cat' lip brush and a rose pink lipstick - we re using 'Buttercup' by Gerard Cosmetics. Because you applied your lipbalm previously it will mean that your lipstick wont be dry and flaky!

To give the face some goddess like highlight we applying some of the Revlon Skinlights highlighter in 'Bare ' to the cheeks, tip of the nose and cupids bow!


You can add some romantic accessories like a hair slide or necklace to finish the look!


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