Eye & Mighty | Our top 5 tips




You own the Bella&Bear 'Eye& Mighty' lash curlers ... but now what? This little miracle is more than just an eyelash curler, its an eye enhancer, and today we are going to reveal our top 5 tips on how to get the most from your new best friend



After placing your lashes into the curler, squeeze it and hold for 20 seconds on each eye! This will give the curler a good chance to shape, extend and define your lashes to perfection.



Blow warm (not hot!) air onto your curlers with you hairdryer for a few seconds and wait until it cools down slightly - you can test the temperature by pressing the curler on to the back of your hand - and then curl your lashes as normal. The heat will work to hold your curl and make it even larger!



Once a week, clean your lash curler with a baby wipe or some baby shampoo and warm (not hot!) water. This will remove any residues or build ups and prevent bacteria and dirt transferring to the lashes and eyes.



Try brushing your lashes through before curling, to separate and 'untangle' them. This will stop any pulling on the lashes and avoid crimping. You can use the spoolie end of your Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx Brow Brush to do this



Make sure your lashes are completely free of mascara (and other makeup) before you curl them. If you are wearing mascara when  you curl them then they can snap off and get stuck to your curler - ouch! This is often forgotten and easily avoidable!


What are your top curling tips?