Get the Most from your Tweezers

We all know that tweezers are great for shaping and taming those brows, but did you know our Bella&Bear 'Pluckers' tweezer trio has many more uses - making them the perfect tool to keep in your handbag as well as your makeup bag!

Pointed Edge

These little beauties feature a fine, thin tip which makes them a dream for removing unsightly ingrown hairs all over the body - try using a scrub on the area first to remove any dead skin and ease the removal. As well as this, they are perfect for quickly and effectively removing splinters - just make sure you sterilize them afterwards with alcohol or boiling water - you could even keep a pair in your FirstAid kit. Additionally you can use them to reset your internet box when you just cant seem to connect! Great!

Slanted Edge

Easily the most popular form of tweezer. This flat and slanted style tweezer is the one most of us reach for when grooming and shaping the brows, as it has a larger edge for quick works but also a pointed edge for precision work. But did you know your slanted tweezers can also be used for applying falsies? You can get nice and close to the lash line with these without poking yourself in the eye, like you might do with the pointed tweezers! 

Straight Edge

These are the best kind of tweezers for beginners as the straight edge is unlikely to pierce the skin if you slip on your grip. Straight edge tweezers are great for hair removal - on a larger scale or on single hairs. The Flat edge means you can push through those brow hairs and narrow out strays and superfluous hairs or you can pull out a few at the time thanks to the larger surface area, which means they are also handy for lip&chin hair removal.


Wherever you go and whatever your need, make sure you've always got your Bella&Bear Pluckers tweezer set to hand. There truly is a tweezer for every job included and the adorable carry case makes them easy to store, protect and transport. You can buy yours now in our store, just click here- Alternatively head to Amazon and purchase there.