At Home Christmas Movie Night

Christmas is the cosiest time and its super fun to snuggle up at home with your loved ones, play a festive film and indulge in allllll the seasonal snacks! Whether you're having a night in with your partner or a group of friends, we think you'll love our Movie Night guide to give you an extra special experience! 

-Write a movie message on a light box or letter board and place it by your snack bar for a picture house vibe! 
- If you're expecting a few people to join your movie night and don't have lots of spare chairs then try throwing down some blankets or duvets, its convenient and super cosy. Add in scatter cushions so your pals can get snuggled and cosy!
- Make an event of it by printing out 'movie tickets' for your guests to keep!
- Keep the lights low and switch on fairy lights or your Christmas tree lights so you can get a full festive movie experience!
- If you're making a girls night of it, lay out your Bella&Bear brushes and braid each others hair!

- Set your snacks out in an easy-to-reach space; you could put them on little tables or wooden trays nearby for your friends to grab while enjoying the movie! Use festive plates so your guests can choose a few snacks to bring with them to the movie area.
- Finger foods work best; try pizza, popcorn, mince pies or chocolates.
- Create a hot cocoa bar with spray cream, mini marshmallows and oodles of toppings for your guests to choose from! Cake sprinkles work perfectly for this! You could even try one of our Vegan hot choc recipes if you have guests with different diets coming!

Wishing you the happiest holidays - be sure to check back on our blog in the coming days for more recipes and festive ideas!