Barbie just got her own dazzling Makeup collection!

Ever-glam icon and Jill-of-all-trades, Barbie, is turning 60 this year, and to celebrate, Mattel have teamed up with cruelty-free brand Pur Cosmetics to celebrate with a 10-piece makeup collection!

And, being Barbie, its not just any collection - expect the sparkliest, most glamorous pieces you've ever seen. But, that's not what we love most about the collection, we love that Pur are embracing Barbies message and injecting it into each piece; letting girls of all ages know that they are more than their gender and that they can be anything they want; filling them with courage, pride and self-love. 

First up is the Endless Possibilities Signature 12-Piece Pressed Pigments Palette ($34). It goes without saying that the palette houses some super-sparkly shimmers and glitters, but it also offers mattes too - so that you can blend your look into something more wearable for a day-to-day basis, or go all out for a glam girl finish! 
The palette comes in the most beautiful glitter and gem encrusted housing (its all pink!), and has a large mirror inside so you can use it on-the-go.


Next up are the Iconic Lips Semi-Matte lipsticks ($18) in 4 glistening shades, also packaged in a high-sparkle casing.

  • Inspire - Deep Berry
  • Legendary - Hot pink
  • Timeless - Rosy Red
  • Classic - Nude Pink

You can go all glossy too with the Girl Gloss High Shine Gloss ($16) to add a prismatic shine!

For those wide eyes, you've gotta grab a pair of the Doll Lash Pro lashes ($14), they're completely cruelty free and also come in a pink glitter style box for maximum effect! 

If you wanna rock the full Barbie look then go for that smooth, fresh skin by using the Gliterally Pink Brightening peel off mask ($20). It unclogs pores and the liquid itself is, of course, pink and ultra-sparkly!

And finally, for a highlight that just wont quit, pick up the Dream Glow Highlighter palette ($25). Packed with 3 univerally flattering shades which can be easily blended or worn alone!

The collection is set to launch on Friday, August 2, at - which pieces will you be adding to your kit?!