Beauty through the Ages | Gatsby look

Welcome to the roaring 20's. Art Deco decadently inspires buildings and structures as far as the eye can see and jazz music can be heard everywhere, enticing you in for a dance in your finest headwear and reddest lips, dont forget though, that prohibition is in full force, so keep that homemade liquor where prying eyes wont spy it! If dancing isnt your bag, you can watch the first ever motion picture with a soundtrack, what a time to be alive!

Today we are getting into the swing of things and dressing ourselves up to full on 20s glam - so grab your kit and join us, doll!


We are starting by priming the skin, this will give a smooth base and help with a flawless application. We're using Benefits The POREfessional primer and smoothing it over the skin with our fingers.

We are then going in with our Bella&Bear Jaguar angled kabuki and our foundation - we want this to be a little lighter than usual to match the style of the decade - we're using the MakeUp Forever HD Foundation and we're gently buffing it over the skin in outward and circular motions for a smooth, even finish.

Next, we're taking our Bella&Bear Ocelot large concealer brush and we're using it to blend in our concealer - covering any dark circles or problem areas. Don't forget to choose a concealer just one shade lighter than your foundation so bring light and coverage to the face.

We chose not to apply a powder to the face as we want this look to be fresh and dewy, but if you prefer a matte finish then go ahead and apply your powder at this stage.

Next we are working on the eyes. Simplistic, smoky makeup for a glamorous finish. We started by priming the eyes to ensure our makeup stays in place all day (and night), and we used Urban Decays Eyeshadow Primer Potion to do this, blending over the lid and up to the brow bone with our ring finger.

We then took our Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner in 'Perfect Black' and drew a V shape on the outer corner of each eye, blending it out with our Bella&Bear Pampas cat brush, using a windscreen wiper motion. Eyeliner blends well and you can really build the colour to the intensity you prefer.

We followed this by using our new Bella&Bear angled eyeliner brush to apply a thin wing along the upper lash line. Women in this era wore little to no eyeliner so try to keep this as thin as possible, we just want to define the eyes a little.

After applying a thin coat of mascara we are going in with some lightweight falsies - this is optional, of course, and if you'd prefer not to wear flase lashes then you can apply another coat of mascara. We use our Bella&Bear angled tweezers and DUO lash glue, and we place the falsies as close to the natural lash line as possible, we love the Revlon Lengthen L01 lashes for this look as they are beautifully long, but lightweight and fine.

Next we wanted to style the brows in accordance with the era. Forget those fluffy, natural brows that you're used to, we're going for super dark, super drawn-on brows here! Taking our Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx brow brush we used the spoolie end to gently brush the brow hairs into the desired shape. Then we took the MUA Brow Pencil in 'dark brown / black' and started to draw the brows in, creating a rounded shape at the inner base and a very extended tail. Be sure to keep the brows as narrow as possible for this look, too.

We then took our Bella&Bear Golden Cat small concealer brush and a small amount of concealer and we used it to just outline the brows, making them cleaner and more defined.

Let's add a little rouge. We don't want this to be overbearing but a little colour will bring a boost of life to the skin. We're using the Royal Apothics Tinties in 'Coral'. This is designed to be a lip butter but it is ideal for giving that vintage flush look to the skin and blends like a dream, too! We applied this to the apples of the cheeks with our fingers.

Time for that defining lip. We started by lining the lips with the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in 'Red Dynamite', this will keep your lipstick from bleeding out or smudging and will give a cleaner shape to the lips. 

To follow we took a cherry red lipstick, we love the Besame Cosmetics lipstick in 'Besame Red' - a vintage shade true to 1920 - and our Bella&Bear Rusty Spotted Cat Lip Brush and carefully filled in the lips for a statement pout. 

To finish we spritzed the face with some Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray to keep our look perfect and in place.

Lets work on the hair to really pull this look together. We're creating a 1920's faux bob look - and even the girls with long hair can do this one!

We started by brushing the hair through with our Bella&Bear the Bear Paddle brush, to rid it of any knots or tangles and we then added a deep side part to the hair - this can be on whichever side you prefer.

Next, we split the hair into 2 sections - a top and a bottom section - if you have layers then separate all of the longer layers away from the shorter ones on top. You will need to clip the top section up as we aren't going to be working with it just yet. Then create a basic plait in the bottom layer, this doesn't need to be neat or tidy, just as long as all of the bottom hair is within the plait you'll be fine.

We then curled the plait up against the head in a spiral shape and clipped it as tightly and flat to the head as possible using bobbypins. Lots of bobbypins!

Then you can let that top layer of hair down and free! You will need to then split this into two sections, one on each side of the head.

Give your hair another quick brush through to ensure it is smooth and sleek, and then begin to curl your hair in one inch sections - ensuring that each piece of hair is curled towards the face. A barrel curler will work best for this but we used straighteners and it turned out well too!

Allow the hair to cool and give it a light spritz with hairspray, and then take your paddle brush and begin to gently brush through the curls. This may seem scary but it'll give the hair more of a wavy finish, which is true to the era.

We are now going to create that faux bob look, the signature hairstyle of the twenties. Again, taking one inch sections of the hair, we are using our brush to backcomb them and then we are tucking the bottom of the hair underneath itself and bobby-pinning it to the plait on our head. Repeat this all the way around the hair to create a bob look, making sure you do plenty of backcombing for a thicker texture and much more volume!

Make sure that you leave a piece of hair out at the front on each side and just do some gentle teasing with these bits to make sure that the wave is kept in place. You can then go in with hairspray and spritz the hair to keep it in place!

We then added a dazzling head piece to one side of the hair for a decadent razzle-dazzle finish. we found this one at Claire's Accessories but really anything with feathers gems or pearls will work perfectly. We love this one and this one

And there you have it! This look is perfect for theme parties and pin-ups alike! Its a simple but effective take on the glam of the twenties and you'll be turning heads for sure! Be sure to show us your recreations on our social media and don't forget that you can find all of the tools used in today's tutorial in our online store right now.