Boots launch new budget-friendly, mindful beauty line!

With welness and mental health becoming more and more of a priority for everybody (hooray for a positive movement!), it was only a matter of time until a mainstream, more budget friendly brand took notice - beacuse self care shouldnt cost the earth, right?

Say hello to the new Live+Be range by none other than high srreet brand Boots. The new line encourages self care with 9 totally vegan products, each costing under £5!

The range offers 4 scents for each mood;

BEAUTIFUL CONNECTION -  a positive energy with floral notes to show yourself some kindness. 
CAPTIVATING PAUSE - an oriental fragrance to help you unwind and be peaceful.
AWAKENING GLOW - an invigorating scent to help you become more aware and awake. 
WOODLAND WHISPER - a recharging fragrance to calm you and balance your energy

and there are 9 products to choose from too, with everything from skincare to bath treats, you'll be able to unwind 'til your hearts content!

Whipped Body souffle £4.00
Bath Bomb £3.00

Shower Cream £3.00
Body Mask £5.00
Body Scrub £4.50

Bath Oil Soak £4.00
Body Mist £3.00
Hand Cream £2.50

Hand Wash £2.50

Which pieces will you be trying?