Brush Cleaning 101

Brush cleaning is an absolute must if you want a smooth, flawless finish to your looks - and if you want to keep your skin in tip top condition. 

Obviously we don't all have lots of time to clean our brushes everyday, but a weekly clean is recommended, and you can even keep them hygienic between deep cleanses with a daily cleaning spray. Simple! 

- Equipment;  To start, you're gonna need the right equipment! To clean your brushes thoroughly we recommend using a proper cleanser gel or soap. We love the Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel (it smells great!) and the BeautyBlender Solid Brush Cleanser (it lasts ages!). Use this alongside a brush cleaning egg - they feature ridges and dots to help get right in between the brush bristles and really get rid of dirt, dead skin and bacteria.

- Technique; Make sure you have a good cleaning technique before you start, you don't want to damage your brushes. Use lukewarm water (Hot water could loosen the bristles in your brush and cause fallout) when cleaning them and apply just a small amout of cleanser at a time. Swirl your brushes gently in circles in your hand or cleaning egg to clean them so that the bristles don't get kinked or bent out of shape. Remember that your cleaning egg will have ridges to clean your larger brushes and dots to get right into your smaller brushes. Repeat until water run cleans through the brush!

- Dry it out; To dry your brushes we recommend laying them flat on a clean, dry tissue. Make sure you shake out and gently re-shape the brush before you lay it down so that it keeps its shape and is still good for its intended purpose. Give your brushes a full day to dry completely and leave them in a nice ventilated area so the water can evaporate out - you don't want damp brushes as bacteria will thrive in them, and it'll lead to sloppy makeup application.

You will absolutely love the feeling of your clean, soft, fluffy brushes on your skin and the way that your makeup glows! So, don't forget that feeling and treat your brushes to a good clean regularly. they are an investment after all!

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