Cinco De Mayo Look

In just 3 days it'll be time to get together with your loved ones for a celebration! Whether you're keeping it small and intimate or going all out with a big party, we've got your look covered! Cinco De Mayo is a celebration full of fun, pride and colour - and we wanted to incorporate that into todays look!

We're going to begin with our brows here. We brush through them using the spoolie end of our Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx brow brush to tame the hairs and give the brows a light shape.

Next, we take the brush end and we use it to work some Revolution brow ink through the hairs, using stoke motions. This will fill in any sparser areas of the brows and help to define the shape! You could go back through with the spoolie end now too, if you want a softer finish.

Then, we are going to carve out the brows. We're using our Bella&Bear Golden Cat brush to outline the brows with some Essence Camouflage concealer and we then pull the product outward away from the brow. This will give our brows a really sharp shape and blend into our foundation seamlessly.

Its time to work on our eyes now, and of course we must first go in with a primer. We're using our ring finger to work some Kryloan eyeshadow primer over the lid and up to the brow bone. Using a primer give our shadow a strong base to grip to, keeping it in place, and it also makes our shadows more vibrant!

Now, we're taking our Bella&Bear Bornean Bay cat brush and we are using it to work a forest green shadow along the crease of the eye. We use a windscreen wiping motion to do this as it allows for an even application of product. We are using the BH Cosmetics Take me Back to Brazil palette on this look!

Now, we want to create a cut crease on the lid and the first step in doing this is to lay a base. So, we are again taking our Bella&Bear Golden Cat brush and we are going to use it to work the Essence camouflage concealer onto the lid in a dome shape.

We set that in place by pressing on a matte white shadow with our Bella&Bear Marbled Cat brush right up to the crease line. You can keep building it up until we achieve that brilliant white!

Lets line the eyes now to make them defined and gorgeous! We use our Bella&Bear serval liner brush and some Essence cushion liner and we draw an extended wing in along the upper lash line.

Now, we're going o work on the lashes. First, we curl them with our Bella&Bear Eye and Mighty Lash Curler for super lift. We lock that curl in with a coat of the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

For added drama we're going to add a set of falsies! We use our Bella&Bear Angled tweezers to place a set of Ardell Demi Wispies lashes as close to the natural lash line as possible for an undetectable finish!

We will be working on the lower lash line too, but first lets apply our base!

As with any base application, we must first prime! Taking some Revolution Aqua primer spray we generously spritz the face and allow time for the product to settle onto the skin.

Next, we are going in with a full coverage foundation. We use our Bella&Bear Jaguar angled kabuki to work some Estee Lauder Double wear onto the skin, we blended this with a little of the Jelly Pong Pong All Over Glow. Our brush gives a streak free finish for ultra-flawless skin.

Now, we want to mask any problem areas so we are going to work some concealer on. Taking some UD Naked Skin concealer and our Bella&Bear Ocelot concealer brush we blend it over any problem areas like dark patches or blemishes.

We will need to set that concealer now to stop it from sliding, so we take some Laura Mercier translucent powder and our Bella&Bear Leopard face brush and we dust it over our concealer. If you prefer a matte finish to the skin then go ahead and dust the whole face here.

We want to lock that base in now, so its party-proof! We spritz the face with some UD All Nighter setting spray in a 'X' shape followed by a 'T' shape to cover all areas.

Let's add a little colour back into the skin to keep it from looking flat or dull. We reach for our Bella&Bear Bobcat angled brush and some Hoola matte bronzer by benfit and we dust it along the hollows of the cheeks, the temples, the hairline and the jawline. This will give our face a healthy colour and help to highlight natural face structure.

To finish up those eyes we are going to go in with our Bella&Bear Fishing Cat brush and a matte chocolate brown shadow and we are applying it along the lower lash line and gently pulling it downward to soften the line a little and keep it from being too harsh!

We also apply a coat of mascara to the bottom lashes now.

Okay, so ... We've got the green, we've got the white, how about the red?! You know its got to be a statement red lip! First, we are going to line the lips with some Revolution renaissance lip liner in 'Classic' to keep our lipstick from bleeding out or feathering.

Then, using our Bella&Bear Rusty Spotted Cat Lip Brush, we are painting the lips with some LimeCrime Red Velvet matte lipstick. Our brush gives an even and neat application each and every time.

And, of course we want to add a little highlight to wrap things up! We're using our Bella&Bear Cheetah Duo Fiber powder brush to dust some champagne highlight - we use the IHeart Blush in Iced Hearts - over the high points of the face; the cheekbones, the cupids bow, the tip of the nose and the brow bone.

For our hair, we are keeping it natural and casual, to let our makeup do the talking! We still want it to look good though, so we are brushing through with the Bella&Bear Brush on you Detangler for smooth and sleek locks!

However you are spending this Cinco De Mayo, we hope that you have a great time! Be sure to share your #bellaandbearbabes selfie with us on Insta for a chance to be featured on our grid!