Shopping Ethically; Cruelty Free & Vegan Beauty Products

Shopping ethically has becoming a big deal. A really big deal. It is now easier than ever to shop with a good conscience, knowing that you are buying a product from a company that has values and morals. Your makeup routine really doesn't have to take a hit for it. Today we are exploring the wide world of animal- friendly beauty so that you can make a more informed decision when shopping.

Hourglass / Too Faced / Urban Decay / Tarte / Nars / Illamasqua / The Balm / Cover FX / Anastasia / Becca / Cargo / Melt / Zoeva / Sigma / Kat Von D Beauty / Gerard Cosmetics / Charlotte Tibury / Eye of Horus

High-end brands are taking more notice of our morals than ever, with many of them making the move to cruelty-free status. Above you can find some of our fave luxury brands which you can shop with good conscience. We were so excited to discover that The Balm & Urban Decay were among them - even more reason to go shop!

B.BeautifulEylureCiateReal TechniquesE.L.FLush / Hard Candy / MilaniNYXPhysicians FormulaWet N WildFlowerPIXIPacificaGoshBarry M

For you girls who like to shop on a budget, don't go thinking that you cant shop ethically, too. There are tons of purse-friendly brands out there that offer cruelty free products. The above are some of our faves. Did you know that Drew Barrymore's beauty line 'Flower' is cruelty free?! Score!

SugarPillBH CosmeticsBella PierreLimeCrimeBeauty Without CrueltyMakeup GeekPumpkin and Poppy

For those who like to try something a little more unique, there are still plenty of ethical options. Check the above out. LimeCrime are a knockout brand with some of the best lip products on the market, while MakeupGeek offer some incredible eye products that you just have to try!

7th HeavenBaby MoonshineBee naturalsBullDogBurts BeesCrazy Cat LadyDermalogicaLiz EarleTheBodyShop

Skincare is a major part of womens beauty regimen, as well as keeping our own skin in tip top condition, its also a major concern for many women that their children's skin is protected and not filled with chemical upon harmful chemical. The above brands are cruelty free - check out CrazyCatLady, that brand is just made for us ;)

Arctic Fox / Au Naturale / Beaming WhiteBeauty BlenderBlackBird CosmeticsBlack Moon CosmeticsColorClubEco ToolsEveryday Minerals / Flo & Theo / Furless / Gourmet Body Treats / Hempz Couture / Illuminare Cosmetics / Jefree star cosmetics / Lime Crime / Loving Tan / Red Apple Lipstick / SpaRitual / Nanshy / The Fanciful Fox

For those who have chosen to follow a fully vegan lifestyle, we recommend these brands - everything from hair colouring, to skincare to cosmetics and even teeth whitening, and all with no cruelty and no animal product ethics. Enjoy!

We hope you've found our ethical shopping guide handy - and if there's a cruelty-free or vegan brand which you love that we have forgotten to include, please let us know as we will be updating this list periodically.