5 Steps to Organising your Vanity

Girls, our vanity tables are a big deal! They house some of our most prized possessions and, although we rarely admit it, they can get a bit overwhelmed and cluttered. But, there are many solutions to this. Your vanity can be the centre of calm and style. Just follow our simple tips and hacks!

The acrylic storage drawer is like a staple for any modern vanity and, due to popular demand, they are available in a wide range of places and in a good range of budgets - try here and here. They're perfect as they will match with any decor design you imagine up and you'll know exactly where everything is.
We love acrylic drawers as they can house literally anything you wish. We change ours up monthly to store our current fave palettes, bronzers or blushers, nail polishes and even our lip wardrobe!
Most acrylic drawers remove completely too, so you can keep them clean and keep your fave makeup on show in pride of place. We recommend cleaning out your acrylic drawers weekly (when you clean your makeup brushes!), just use some anti-bacterial spray and clean tissues.

Not only are your bushes a key factor in your makeup routine but they are also great harbourers of bacteria - eww! As well as a weekly brush cleaning, keeping them in a clean,designated holder will ensure that they don't get dropped on the ground or caked in unnecessary debris and dust. There are plenty of brush holders on the market but our very own Bella&Bear brush holder is one of a kind - it comes in our signature floral design and it has clasps on the sides so you can join the 2 pieces together; this means you can safely travel with your fave brushes and you can also keep them away from lurking dust and debris in the air!
Your precious brushes deserve to be put proudly on display on your vanity and we think this is the perfect way to do so. Our floral design will give a perfect vintage vibe to a blank canvas and it'll also add a pop of colour to a minimalist vanity.

We think house plants make a great addition to any vanity - in particular, Succulents and mini Cacti. They breathe life into your beauty space and not only are they easy to care for as they rarely need watering, but they make a great display spot for your favourite jewelery too. Don't they look great?!

Okay, so you had a little splurge and treated yourself to some luxury goodies. And the assistant wrapped and packed them in the most delicious carrier that you cant bear to part with. So, the solution? Dress it up.
Make that bag show-worthy and add some flowers. We love Peonies, they're sophisticated and slow blooming so they will bring some colour to your vanity for good couple of weeks, and they make a gorgeous backdrop for your fave makeup pieces, too!


We all have those pretty little boxes that we've collected over the years and dont know what to do with, but would never think of throwing out. How about re-purposing them? You could use them to organise your makeup into colours, brands - anything! Boxes stack up neatly and the mix-and-match of designs will bring a quirky edge to your vanity.
And, what's even better is that our Bella&Bear products come in their very own gorgeous presentation boxes which, as well as making them great for gifting, makes them perfect for neatly keeping your most precious possessions on your vanity!

We hope you have found these tips handy - don't forget you can find our brush holder and all of our other products on our online store. You can also tag us in pics of your vanity - @bella_andbear (Insta) or @bella_and_bear (Twitter)