DIY Easter Bunny Flower Crown

Its almost Easter! Time to get together with family and celebrate; whether that be a cooked lunch, an egg hunt - or simply a visit to church! However you celebrate at Easter, we think it's always more fun when you dress up for the occasion. So, today we are showing you how to make this adorable Easter Bunny flower crown. Its a great, seasonal spin on a regular flower crown and can be customized to use your favorite colours and flowers!

First of all, gather together your items. We have used;
- a 1" alice band
- a hot glue gun 
- a sheet of white felt
- some pink blush and your Bella&Bear Margay Cat Brush
- Scissors
- A selection of artificial flowers

Next, cut some bunny ear shapes out of your felt - making sure to keep the base of them as a flat edge.

Then fold one of your bunny ears in half and on that flat edge make a vertical cut about a third of the way in. Repeat on the other ear. Once opened up the base of each ear should now have a thin flap on each edge and a larger flap in the centre.

Now, use your glue gun to put a small dot of glue just above one of the incisions you made, then fold the ear in half again and pinch together that glue dot so they stick - just be sure not to stick the flaps together.

You can see that this has given your ears their signature bunny shape!

Next, glue the larger flap to the underside of your Alice band and pull the skinny ones over the top of the band and around to the underside, gluing them in place.

You can see here that the ears are still quite floppy, but don't worry, we will give them more shape once we add on our flowers!

Now use your Bella&Bear Brush to dust some pink blush into the centre of the bunny ears! We used the Revolution Sugar&Spice blush palette for this.

Now, we are gluing on our flowers, we started with our larger white peonies and then went in with our yellow flowers, placing them randomly between the peonies until happy.
If you are using mixed size flowers its always best to start with the larger ones and follow with your smaller ones!

You can place flowers tightly around and behind your bunny ears to stiffen them a little and to help them stand a little taller, like we have! Allow your creation plenty of time to dry before wearing it!

Don't you think its so cute?! And, the great thing is that its totally customisable so you could make one to match whatever your wearing for Easter! We hope you enjoyed our DIY Easter bunny flower crown - be sure to share your snaps with us over on Insta for a chance to be featured on our grid!