DIY Fall Flower Crown

As we wave goodbye to Summer its time to think ahead to what the new season brings; forest walks, themed parties, fireside evenings and trick or treating. One thing we are not ready to let go of though, is flower crowns. Flower crowns are a big deal in the summer and they take any outfit from blah to OMG in seconds, so why not bring this dreamy accessory into the colder months?

Flowers change through the year so let's create a crown perfect for the season of harvest, full of earthy tones; sunset oranges, vibrant reds and cheerful yellows, as well as foliage and berries!  

We picked up these beautiful faux flowers at our local market but you can also find them in craft stores! The berries were sourced here and you can use any plain Alice band that you have lying around - fabric ones work better than plastic ones as the glue will hold onto them better! We also bought the little berries here.

Start by laying out an old table cloth or some sheets of newspaper to work on. We then cut the heads off of our flowers and berries and arranged them on the sheet around the head band, re-shuffling pieces until we were happy with the design - all while letting our glue gun heat up.

Once the glue gun was heated up we carefully glued on each piece, arranging them on the headband so there were no gaps and good distribution of each colour. Its a good idea to start with any leaves first, gluing them down flat, then you can go in with the flowers - placing the largest ones first. Remember that your crown doesn't have to be symmetrical.

Next, glue down the berries and any smaller pieces. We like using our Bella&Bear pointed tweezers to help apply the smaller pieces as it gives you a good grip while you glue them into place. 

We also finished our crown by adding some small drops of copper glitter glue for a little sparkle - you could even use glitter if you wanna be seriously extra.

You then simply need to let your masterpiece dry and set - once it is you could simply add some loose curls to your hair and you're good to go. Autumn Empress at her finest! 

How did you style your autumn flower crown? Share it with us on social media - and don't forget that you can find our Bella&Bear Tweezers (and all of our other beautiful pieces) in our online store right now, we have some great discounts running! However you celebrate this gorgeous season, be safe and happy!