DIY Festive headband

The big day is almost here, and as we wrap gifts and cook delicioius food, its also fun to think about what we might wear to our holiday gatherings. Today, we are showing you how to make this beautiful festive headband - its inspired by the one seen on Anna in the short movie 'Olafs Frozen Adventure' and is super fun to make.

Yule need;

To make it;

  • Start by laying out all of your pieces and pulling the berries off of the stems (if required).
  • Taking your Alice band now, begin to hot glue the fern stems on them flat, making sure each one slightly over laps the previous one.
  • To follow, glue on your berries. We glued them in bunches of 3's across the band, with a mix of frosted and plain in each bunch.
  • Now taking some more ferns, we are going to work on the left side of the band, gluing the ferns on vertically, again one overlapping the last slightly. This will give height and volume to the headband!
  • As a final touch we sprinkled over some white glitter, letting it fall naturally, you could even add some snow spray if you are feeling super festive.

Isn't it pretty?! Fresh outta Arendelle! Your beautiful new headband will look so lovely at all of your Holiday festivities and is sure to get lots of compliments! Be sure to share your #bellaandbearbabes snaps with us over on Insta for a chance to be featured on our grid!