DIY Holiday sweater

You may have found your ideal holiday sweater in our roundup guide, but if you prefer something a little more personal, then we think you will love todays post - all about how to get your very own DIY festive sweater. Its simple, cute and totally one of a kind!

All you will need;

To make your sweater; 

  • We are going to start by turning the red tartan fabric pattern side down (if necessary) and drawing a basic tree outline on it and cutting it out.
  • We then draw around that on the green tartan fabric and also cut it out.
  • Now you can pick up the trees and place them  on the chest area of the sweater, with your crochet applique tree between them (we got ours here). You can play around with the positioning until you are happy.
  • Pin them in place.
  • We are using our black thread now, doubling it up to make it more apparent, and we are going to sew the trees onto the sweater using a blanket stitch for that cute, rustic look!  Simply pull the thread through from the back of the tree and loop the needle through before you pull it tight, repeating all the way around!
  • You could even add some jingle bells or glitter on if you wanna get extra festive!

Et, voila! Your sweater is ready to go - wear it to all of your Christmas events knowing its a one off and super adorable! This is a super simple look to achieve but you could put on any design you like - a holiday truck, an elf silhouette; get creative! And, be sure to share your #bellaandbearbabes snaps with us over on Insta for a chance to be featured on our grid!