E.L.F's new eye tape is the perfect Bella&Bear Serval brush compliment!

You've probably heard about our very own Bella&Bear Serval Angled eyeliner brush by now, you may have even tried it yourself; it helps create a perfect liner wing, and the angle in the brush means you get great control and precision with your work.

So, when we heard that budget beauty brand E.L.F were launching a brand new eye tape we just knew it was the perfect compliment to our brush!

Pictured; Bella&Bear Serval Angled Liner Brush and Jaguar Angled Kabuki

E.L.F's new Line and Define eye tape is just $2 for 40 pieces (20 sets) and allows you to create super sharp eye shadow and eyeliner looks every time - just imagine the results when paired with our Serval brush! *Heart eyes*

Using a tape to get straight lines when working on your eyes is certainly nothing new, but E.L.F's new tape ensures you will be using a product which is safe for use on skin (particularly sensitive eye area skin), plus the strips are cruelty free and vegan!

You can pick up our Angled Eyeliner brush in our online store right now (check out our Blogger of the Month post for a 15% discount code) and the E.L.F eye tape strips on their website right now. And, dont forget to share your Bella&Bear Selfie with us for a chance to be featured!