Face and Base 101

It can seem quite daunting, achieving the perfect makeup base - but really you just need to know a few tricks for success every time! Today, we're sharing our 6 top tips with you - you'll be looking flawless in no time flat!


Before you even think about picking up your foundation brush, make sure you've got your skincare in check. A good skincare equals good skin which equals good base application. Its like the ultimate primer!

Your skin care needn't be difficult - or expensive, it just needs to be thorough and consistent. Base makeup can emphasize creases and dry skin if you don't take care of it, so get in ahead of time and make sure you have perfect makeup every time!

Start by cleansing your face - you can choose a product to suit your skin type, this will break down dirt and sweat, follow by toning to remove lingering nasties and finish with a moisturizer - again, you can choose one to suit your skin, whether that be a lightweight milk or a rich creme. You should do this routine morning and night.

Give your products time to absorb into the skin and make it plump and smooth again. You can then go in with your primer to give your makeup something to really adhere to and to create a barrier between your skin (and its natural oils) and your makeup


Each of us has different preferences for our base product - and that's great, the beauty market have recognized this and there are a multitude of products to choose from. Whether your prefer a sheer to light coverage like a BB Cream or a full coverage base there will be something out there for you.

Remember, foundation isn't designed to cover problem areas, so dont panic if you can still see them after working your foundation on. You'll need a concealer for disguising problem areas, which can be applied after your foundation.

You may prefer a matte finish base, or a dewy look to your skin - and you can achieve it! But really, its about how you apply it - your tools!


That's where our Bella&Bear Brushes come in! Your makeup application will only be as good as your tools, so make sure you are using something of the best quality. Our brushes are hand-made from cruelty free, synthetic hair to guarantee less shedding and perfect product blending. The dense, soft bristles make for a streak-free finish, every time.

Our Jaguar angled kaubki is shaped to conform to your individual facial features so it spreads product to every crevice of your face for an even, flawless finish!

Our Lynx liquid foundation brush is vegan friendly and - like all of our brushes - is built to last. Its an investment piece which will perform better and last longer - its even been featured in Elle magazine!

Whichever one you go for, you're in for a treat. Glowing skin and a perfect blend! Work your product in downward and outward strokes for the most seamless finish.


Once you've buffed and blended your face to perfection, you want to set it there right?! There are 2 simple steps to this.

First, say hello to setting powder - you can choose from loose or pressed types, try them out to see which suits you best.

Dip your Bella&Bear Leopard face brush into your powder (if you're using loose powder be sure to tap excess off your brush before using it), and then dust the product onto the face - you don't have to cover the whole face, focus on areas you applied concealers to, and particularly oily areas of skin.

Next, choose a setting spray and spritz the face with it, working in an 'X' formation followed by a 'T' formation. This will evenly cover the face and lock in that base.

Don't worry if your face looks a little flat at this point - that just means your foundation application was a success and you evened everything out! The next step will remedy this!


Bronzer is used to add warmth and a healthy glow back in to the face. You don't want to add 'colour' and make your face look stripey - remember its meant to be subtle and undetectable so it appears natural.

Like foundation, there are various bronzers to choose from; powder, liquid, cream, shimmer or matte - try out a few and see which you prefer. Its a good tip to remember that cream bronzer will not apply well on-top of a powdered base, and that powder is the best to work with as it is soft and buildable.

Then, choose your brush. A tapered or angled one - like our Bobcat brush - will work best for that natural result. It will help to give a blurred and soft application rather than a muddy and striped look! 

Our Bella&Bear Bobcat brush is made with super-soft synthetic fibres and sustainable wood.It boasts makeup artist quality with a high street price tag!


A subtle highlighter can really bring your face to life. Apply it in the right areas-  the high points of the face; cheekbones, brow bones, tip of the nose and cupids bow for the basics - and you'll be glowing and gorgeous.

Our Bella&Bear Cheetah Duo Fiber powder brush is perfect for applying your powder highlights as it'll apply the products evenly and delicately, allowing for a natural look which can be built up as you desire.

Be sure to choose a highlight shade to compliment your skin tone for the most natural glow; fair skin works well with icy and champagne hues and peachy undertones, medium skins will benefit from a golden or bronze highlight while darker skin tones work best with warm hues like rose gold or bronze!

Whatever skill level you're at with makeup you can always count on our brushes to give you a professional looking finish! Each of our brushes comes in its very own luxe packaging; a protective bristle net, a padded foam insert and a beautifully decorated box which makes them ideal for gift giving. You can also choose from our 2 show stopping designs; summer and Spring! 
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