Fenty Beauty drops new Galaxy Collection

Rihanna's beauty line Fenty Beauty is back with yet another new launch; but this collection is only here for the holidays! Its packed with outta-this-world pieces guarenteed to have you shinier than any tree and more sparkly than a discoball!


This is the palette to own this festive season; housed in a prismatic shell and packed with 14 ultra-metallic shadows to have your eyes sparkling from now 'til new year. Expect glitters - and lots of them. You can wear the shadows straight from the palette or wet your brush to give them the ultimate pigment.


. Xtra Terrestrial - a smoky moss with iridescent green
. Lightyear - a smoky charcoal with gold glitter
. Planet Ex - a smoky brown with iridescent glitter 
. Oh-Zone - a sheer platinum glitter 
. Ultraviolit - a smoky violet with iridescent glitter 
. Sublime - a sheer mint and gold glitter
. Milky Way - an ivory with iridescent glitter
. Cosmic Ocean - a sheer aqua glitter
. Meteor Crush - a sheer pink and gold glitter
. Jupiter Sand - a smoky chocolate with iridescent purple
. Mars On Fire - a sheer copper rose glitter
. Midnight Bolt - a true blue with superfine glitter 
. Space Owt - a smoky grape with holographic blue
.Sunburst - amber with gold glitter



This brush was designed especially for work with glitter (how convenient!), and is armed with a smudger end and a blender end to effortlessly and seamlessy apply those shadows. The bristles are also synthetic to aid in controlled application.


This is legit the closest thing to a magic wand that you're gonna get. The revolutionary formula of these liners means that they apply iridescent for a laid back sheen - but once they are dry, rub them over with your brush to transform them into straight up metal glitter magic.
The brush is smooth and fine like a pen which means precise application and there are three shades to choose from:

. Alien Bae - a navy glitter
. Later Crater - nude with flecks of gold glitter  
. Nepturnt - an emerald glitter.


Encased in a geometric, futuristic tube these glosses have a comfortable balmy finish with a hint of all over shimmer. Wear them alone for a subtle glow or top your fave lipstick for a prismatic shimmer! Choose from 4 new shades;

. Gal On The Moon - a holographic pink 
. Spacesuit - a glittering peach
. Plutonic Friendship - a holographic hot pink
. Astro-naughty - a glittering garnet


No collection would be complete without a set of killer lippies and these little beauties are Fentys first! They feature a creamy finish with just a hint of sparkle and just like the glosses they come in futuristic, prismatic bullets. There are 4 shades to choose from

. Gravity - a shimmering hot pink 
. Supermoon - a sparkling peach
. Sci-Fly - glimmering garnet 
. $upanova - a twinkling pink orchid

Everything in the collection is available directly through fentybeauty.com and also through sephora.com. Which piece will you choose?