From the Models' Mouth | How to Pose Perfect

Admit it, we all love it when we see a snap in which we are lookin' fab-u-lous. Ones where we are smiling with friends or posing for an Insta outfit post. But, did you know there is an art to getting your pics looking perfect every time? In today's post we've rounded up top tips from the girls in the biz, for giving every photo that fabulous status. 


Use your Tongue

It might sound strange but this is one of best tricks out there. Did you know that by pressing your tongue on the roof of your mouth while smiling is a great way to help avoid a double chin in your snaps, as it elongates your neck and your jawline. Heidi Klum and Renee Zellweger are known fans of this technique, too!


Angle Your Face

In the professional world, it is advised to steer clear of direct head-on shots. This is because there there will be an absence of shadows in the picture, which could make your face look wider or larger. Instead, try standing slightly sideways and tilt your chin a little bit downward. Another useful tip is to look at something just above your natural line of sight for the perfect gaze.

Get that Perfect Lighting

The ultimate tip models (and top portrait photographer Aaron Gil) give is that you should always aim for perfect lighting, to help compliment your face. Avoiding shadows on the face will mean blemishes and darker areas of skin will be disguised. The best lighting usually hits the top of the forhead to the bottom of the chin evenly, as well as making your cheeks glow. Getting this kind of lighting will mean your skin (and photo) will be radiant.

Raise the Camera Up

It's best to always lift your camera to your eye line or slightly higher.This will give the impression of a more sculpted jawline. Its simple, but so, so effective!

Cross those Ankles

If you're having a direct body photograph try crossing your legs, starting at your calf. This position will make your hips look narrower and your legs look longer. This is also a great way to make your snaps look more casual and natural.

Twist your Body for Hollywood Glam

This is the ultimate Red Carpet photo trick! Start by positioning your body 45 degrees away and put the arm closest to the camera on your hip. Then place one foot slightly in front of the other and point your toe to the camera, putting your weight onto your back leg. Ta-da, Hollywood Glam achieved!

Perfect that Footing

Try to avoid keeping both your feet straight forward to the camera in your pics, as this can make the rest of your body stiff and make you appear less comfortable in the picture. Practise different positioning to see what works for you! Some tricks you can try to start with is to place one of your feet on a taller surface to give the image depth or putting one knee in front of the other and leaning slightly on the toe to make you appear taller and slimmer.

Elongate your Neck

This is a great trick to give the appearance of height and perfect poise. The way to elongate your neck is to roll the shoulders backward, which will make the face come forward and instantly slim your neck down. It might feel a bit unnatural the first few times you try it, so practise in a mirror and see what a difference it makes. 



Don't Follow the Crowd

Getting the perfect squad shot is what we all want to do right?! Well, the secret is to not all do the same pose! We are all shaped differently, so different poses will work better for each of us. Learn what works well for you and strike it each time, not worrying about how the other girls are posing.

Loosey Goosey

Let's be honest, most of your pics are going to be fun snaps of you with your friends, right? Nothing too serious! Therefore, as much as you focus on posing for these types of shots, there is nothing really better than loosening up and having a fun time together! Candid shots will almost always be the most flattering pics of your group as you wont be stiff and 'trying too hard'!

 Did you find our tips handy? Do you have any of your own to share? Let us know via Twitter, Facebook or Insta!