Halloween love sick look

Halloween doesn't have to be spooky, a lot of us like to find that balance between spooky-cute with dress up this time of year - you may remember our scarecrow look from last year - well today's look is just that. We're showing you how to get this cute Lovesick look, just perfect for all your Halloween events!

Lets start with our skin. Although this is a Halloween look we still want to go for that flawless base, so we're first going in with a primer; this will give us an even base for our product and will keep it in place for hours. We're using the Gerard Cosmetics BB+ Illumination creme primer and we're working it over the face with our fingers.

Now, for our foundation. We're opting for the full coverage Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation and mixing it with a little W7 Beam Me Up illuminator for a magical glow. We work this over the face using our famous Bella&Bear Jaguar angled kabuki, applying it slightly down the neck too to avoid tidelines around the jaw.

Then, we're going to set that with a little translucent powder. So, taking our Bella&Bear Tiger brush we dust the face with some Essence All About Matte powder.

Now, we want to lock that all in place so we are giving the face a light mist of the Revolution Makeup Oil Control Fixing Spray.

Now, lets add on some killer brows. We're going in with our Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx brow brush and we're using the spoolie end to brush through our brows and tame them! 
Next, we're using that brush end to work some ABH Dipbrow pomade through the brows to fill in any sparser areas and to define the shape.
You could also go back in with the spoolie end to disperse any excess product for a softer finish. 

Lets work on the eyes; these are going to be quite simple as we want the skin details to be the standout!, So lets start by priming the eyes. We're using the Benefit Stay Don't stray shadow primer and we're working it over the lid and right up to the brow bone using our ring finger.

Then, using our Bella&Bear Sand Cat brush we are dusting a matte ivory shadow all over the lid and, again, up to the brow bone. We're using the MUA Fire Vixen palette for the eyes on this look.

Next, taking our Bella&Bear Bornean Bay Cat brush we are applying a light matte grey shadow to the crease of the eye using a windscreen wiper motion. 

Let's line the eyes now. Taking our Bella&Bear Serval angled liner brush and some Essence Cushion liner we are drawing in a thin, long wing along the upper lash line.

We are then topping this with some red! we're using the LimeCrime Velvetine in Bloodmoon  and were applying it to the outer two thirds using our Bella&Bear caracal liner brush.

Let's add a generous coat of our current fave mascara; Epic by Younique to the lashes!

Now, for this look we want to go a little extra so we are taking some ultra dramatic lashes and applying them as close to the natural lash line as possible using our Bella&Bear Angled tweezers.

We are also drawing on a few bottom lashes using our Bella&Bear Caracal brush and that same liner.

Lets go back in and work on the skin. Using our Bella&Bear Bobcat blush brush we are dusting the cheekbones and the hairline with some Rimmel matte natural bronzer.

Time for that skin detail! We've cut out various sized hearts from a piece of paper and we are going to start holding them on the skin one by one using our Bella&Bear tweezers and dusting around them with a matte red shadow. We're using a shadow from the BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil palette. We're working the product onto the skin using our Bella&Bear Marbled Cat brush, keeping it darker nearest to the stencil and blending out for a softer look to the edges. We are doing this all over the cheeks and nose.

Once that is done, we're going to define the heart shape by again using our Bella&Bear serval angled liner to draw some of that same limecrime velvetine around the shape. Pretty!

We're also using that same brush to dot some of the velvetine over the skin like a sick rash.

Spritz the face again with your setting spray to lock that work in place!

Lets finish up with our lips. We're first lining them with some Rimmel 1000 kisses in 'dynamite red' and we're then taking our Bella&Bear Rusty Spotted Cat lip brush and using it to sweep some of that same Limecrime Velvetine in 'Bloodmoon' over the lips for an even and precise finish.

As a final touch we are using our Bella&Bear Margay cat brush to dust some Bodyshop glitter puff over the heart design.

You could choose to finish up the look here but we want to make that red really stand out so we are going to pop on our silver wig!
We prep our hair for our wig by brushing through with our Bella&Bear Brush on You Detangling brush (have you seen that cute new design?!) to remove any knots and tangles.

We then separate our hair into 2 sections and braid each section, making sure to keep the braids nice and tight.

Next, we pin those braids to the back of the head, keeping them flat to the head to stop any bumps showing through our wig.

Then, once that is done - its wig time! Simply pop on your wig nice and tight and style it how you like best!

We also popped in these effective whiteout lenses as a more Halloween style touch, but this is completely optional of course, you will still look killer without them!

We hope you have a fun and safe Halloween, be sure to share your snaps with us on Insta for a chance to be featured on our grid! Don't forget that all of our product links take you straight to our US Store but don't worry, we ship to the UKAustraliaGermanyItalyFrance, and Spain too!