Ouija Board Halloween Look

Its time to get spooky! Halloween is fast appraoching and as the ghouls come out to play, its only right that we join them. Today, we're showing you how to get this kooky ouija board look.

Lets start by applying a base. We want this to be ghoulishly white so we're mixing our lightest foundation with a little white face paint and we're working it over the face, neck, shoulders and chest using our Bella&Bear Jaguar angled kabuki.

Then, for a matte finish, we're going to set that with some translucent powder. We're using the Essence All About Matte powder and we're dusting it on using our Bella&Bear Tiger powder brush.

Next, we're locking that in place with a setting spray. We're spritzing using some Revolution oil control fixing spray.

Then, using our Bella&Bear Golden cat concealer brush we're using some more white face paint to create a Ouija token shape around the left eye.

We're then going in with our Bella&Bear Serval angled liner and using it to create a thick wing along the top lash line and a definition line along the lower lash line. We're using it with black face paint here.We are also outlining that Ouija token.

For the right eye, we are going to create a black drip effect, wetting the black face paint a little more than usual to make it runny, we're then pressing our Bella&Bear Fishing Cat brush against the skin just below the lower lash line, allowing the face paint to trickle down.

We want to go all out here, so we are taking out Bella&Bear angled tweezers and using them to place to some extra wispy falsies as close to the natural lash line as possible. We've used the Ardell Demi Wispies lashes here.

Lets fill in the lips now. Using our Bella&Bear Rusty spotted cat lip brush we are filling in the lips with some Limecrime velvetine in 'Black Velvet', but you could alternatively use the same black face paint.

Now, lets add those deets. We've picked up this Ouija stencil and we're applying the design across our decolletage in a rainbow shape - mimicking the design seen on a Ouija board. We press it on with black face paint using a makeup wedge.

For some more detail we are placing the occult sun and moon temporary tattoos on our shoulders!

We are also using our Bella&Bear Caracal liner brush here, along with some more black face paint and we are outlining the board token and filling in the right brow.

Going back to our skin, we are using our Bella&Bear Tiger brush and some Benefit Hoola bronzer to empahsize the hollow parts of the cheeks.

Then, we take our Bella&Bear Cheetah Duo Fiber powder brush and we use it to dust some IHeartRevolution Hot Summer of Love highlight over the high points of the face!


Finally, we are popping on our silver wig and pulling it back into a low ponytail to stop it from covering all those pretty details! We tease out a few strands using our Bella&Bear Detangling Comb!

Ready to Ghoul! We hope you have the best Halloween - be sure to tag us in your #bellaandbearbabe snaps for a chance to be featured on our grid!