HALLOWEEN - wednesday Addams

Shes Spooky and she's Kooky! Your girl Wednesday Addams is here for Halloween and we are going to show you how to steal her style with today's look! 

Lets start with our skin, of course we want a primer first to mask those pores and create a flawless base for our products. So, we are working some Bodyshop InstaBlur primer over the face with our fingers.

Next, our complexion .. we want it paler than pale. To achieve that, we are mixing some full coverage foundation - we're using Bodyshop Matte Clay - and some white face paint. We then work this over the face and neck using our Bella&Bear Jaguar angled kabuki.

Lets set that now with some face powder, you could use a white one or a translucent, dependent on how pale you'd like your look to be. We dust some Laura Mercier translucent powder over the face using our Bella&Bear Leopard Face Brush.

 For our eyes we are keeping them simple. We start by dusting over the lids with a matte ivory shadow using our Bella&Bear Sand cat brush.

Then, taking our Bella&Bear Bornean Bay cat brush, we work a matte taupe shadow into the crease of the eye and into the inner corners to darken them and make them appear a little more 'sunken in'.

Next, we are using our Bella&Bear caracal eyeliner brush and some Essence cushion liner to draw in a very thin line along the top lash line, bringing it into a slight wing on the outer corner.

Now, let's do our lashes. First off we curl them using our Bella&Bear Eye and Mighty Curler for lift. We lock that in using a coat of the Bodyshop Happy Go Lash mascara.

Even though Wednesday keeps her lashes simple, we want to add something a little extra. So we are going to pop on a set of your-lashes-but-better falsies. We use our Bella&Bear Angled tweezers to place a set of the GWA Jungle lashes as close to the natural lash line as possible.

As for our brows, we want them thin and dark. So taking the brush end of our Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx Brow brush and some Black face paint, we are filling in the brows in, keeping them thin.

We are also using our Bella&Bear Caracal brush here, with some of the same face paint, to create the 'widows peak' on the forehead, just like Wednesday has.

Lets think about our skin again now. Although we want to keep it pale, we are going to go in with some matte bronzer, working it onto the hollow parts of the face using our Bella&Bear Margay cat brush to, again, enhance that sunken in apperance. We use the Hoola Bronzer by Benefit.

And finally, our lips. We are using our Bella&Bear Rusty Spotted Cat brush and a super dark purple lipstick - we're using Revolution in 'Private Members Club' - and we are painting it directly into the middle of the lips, pulling it outward for a 'just bitten' effect.

Of course we need those killer braids. So, we start by brushing through our hair using our Bella&Bear Brush on You detangler to make it smooth and sleek.

Then we tightly braid the hair on each side and pin those braids to the back of the head.

We pull on  wig cap now, and then pop on our black wig - again braiding it for that trademark Wednesday 'do!

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