Hand Luggage Essentials

Aside from your travel documents and your Passport, what should you be taking in your carry-on? There are limits as to what is allowed on board with you now, so before you go, plan what is essential to have to hand. Today, we're giving you our top tips on what to pack in your hand luggage!

Hand Gel / Hand cream / hydarting serum / Rich moisturiser face mist / conditioning lip balm / Gel eye patches / Mini roll on / tooth tablets / Toothbrush /  

Carry on toiletries can only be 100ml and under now, so we've rounded up our fave minis for you to pack...

Hand Gel and Cream - a must for sanitary and supple hands during your flight.

Hydrating serum and rich moisturiser - the on-board air is very drying and damaging to the skin, so be sure to apply a serum on take off and a moisturiser right before you disembark to lock in moisture and keep your skin soft and glowing. Its best to avoid makeup during your flight, so your serums and creams will be easy to apply!

Face mist and lip balm - again, the on-board air is super drying, so avoid painful chapped lips by applying a balm regularly. Face mists are also great for hydrating and refreshing, particularly on long-haul flights.

Eye patches and roll on - Gel eye patches are ideal for refreshing the eyes, pop them on during the descent for awake looking eyes, don't forget a quick swipe of roll on too, for freshness after a cramped flight.

Tooth tablets and toothbrush - tooth tablets are ideal for carrying on board as they avoid spillages and you can brush with them just before you step off the plane to feel clean and fresh

And, of course, you can pack everything into your Bella&Bear Glam bag, it features clear pockets so you can find those bits quickly, plus a handy hanging hook, so you can transfer it from your carry on bag to your hotel bathroom easily!

1.Cutout circle glasses /2.Geometric brown glasses / 3.Crystal cat eye glasses / 4.Cutout heart glasses /5.Octavia glasses / 6.Michael Kors Savannah / 7.Dita cats eye / 8.Heart glasses / 9.Visor glasses / 10.Preppy Glasses/ 11.Tortoise shell / 12.Turquoise mirror /  

Of course your gonna want to bring a pair of killer shades away with you, but they are also fantastic at concealing tired eyes after a long flight, so be sure to pack them in your carry on. you can grab them from the smaller pocket in your Bella&Bear Glam bag as you step off the plane and no one will be any the wiser that you haven't slept in what feels like forever!

1.Leaf Bottle / 2.Ted baker bottle / 3.Pink Floral bottle / 4.Glitter Bottle / 5.S'Well Bottle

Although you're not permitted to take liquids over 100ml through check in, you can bring your fave water bottle and ask a flight attendant to fill it up for you once you take your seat on the plane. its essential to keep hydrated and drink water while your flying as it'll keep you feeling awake and alert and it'll also do wonders for your skin, helping it to not dry out.

Nearly all of us bring our brushes on holiday with us - how else would we create those killer holiday looks?! But you dont want to risk those beauties getting damaged or lost, so take them in your carry on! Our Bella&Bear brush holder has ample room for your Kitten set - and then some! It's also great for storing other bits such as your loose cables and chargers (hello no tangles!) or small jewellery.

What are your carry on essentials?! shop our pieces in our online store right now - don't forget to check our Blogger of the month post for an exclusive discount!