Harley Quinn Look

Hey Puddin'! Halloween is upon us so get into the spirit and transform yourself into the new chick in the hottest ever squad, Harley Quinn. 

First we are going to put on our wig. We're pulling the natural hair back into a low ponytail and gathering it together inside a wigcap, making sure all stray hairs are tucked inside. We're then picking up the wig so that it is open wide and sliding it onto the head from the back first, adjusting so that it covers the wig cap neatly.

We have also put on our chocker and shirt, but you can do this at the end if you prefer.

After applying some Benefit That Gal Primer all over the face and neck with our fingers we are picking up our Bella&Bear Lynx Kabuki brush and we are buffing some Gerard Cosmetics BB+ Illumination creme onto the skin for a gorgeous golden glow.

To follow we are using the same brush and a pale foundation (such as the Makeup Forever HD Foundation in 'Alabaster' ) and we are blending into the face in circle motions for a flawless, smooth finish.

To keep the skin looking beautiful we are going in with a light concealer and using it to cover any dark circles or problem areas. We are using our Bella&Bear Golden Cat to blend this into the foundation, or, for larger areas, use your Bella&Bear Ocelot Large Concealer brush.

To set the concealer and foundation we are going to use a translucent powder such as the ELF Studio HD powder and our Bella&Bear Tiger large powder brush and we are going to press the powder onto the face and then dust it away.

Lets get to work with those statement eyes. To make our shadows pop and stay in place were going to first apply a primer to the lids - we decided to use the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. We're then picking up our Bella&Bear Pampas Cat brush and a deep blue shadow (hint; were using the BH Cosmetics Take Me to Brazil palette for this look) and we're applying it to the entire left lid and on the lower lashline with a wiping motion - the good thing about this look is that it is supposed to appear rushed or 'sloppy' so it wont matter if your shadow lines aren't neat and crisp. We are also going to use the brush to gently dust some 'streaks' of eyeshadow just out of the corner of the eye and just below it.

We then gave our Pampas Cat brush a quick clean off with some H&M Beauty Daily Brush Cleaner and picked up a red eyeshadow, doing the same routine on the right eye.

To give the eyeshadow a bit of a 'dirty' or 'washed out' look we are taking our finger and dragging the streaks downward toward the cheeks - you can mix in a small amount of black shadow with this too if you wish.

Lets make the look a little more grungy. Picking up our Bella&Bear Leopard Cat Pencil brush and a matte black shadow we are applying it just to the outer corner of the eye and the outer third of the lower lashline, smoking it out a little for a less harsh line.

To further define the eyes we are going to draw on a minimal cat eye. Using our Bella&Bear Caracal eyeliner brush and a black gel liner we are creating a thin line along the upper lashline and gently flicking it out at the end. 

Let's frame the eyes with a strong brow. Taking our Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx brow brush we are using the spoolie end to neaten and tame the brow hairs. 

We are then dipping the angled brush end into our Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade and filling in and shaping the brows with it. 

For Harley's hot pout we are lining the lips with a red lipliner and then filling them in with LimeCrimes 'Wicked' velvetine - these lip products are seriously budge-proof and dry slowly for a matte finish.

Want to replicate Harley's tattoos but don't have a steady hand? Try temporary tattoos, like us! We're cutting out a heart tattoo and applying it just below the right (red) eye, wetting the back of the paper and peeling it away. We did the same with this 'Rotten' tattoo, applying it just above the jawline, also on the right (red) side of the face.

Lookin' good puddin'! We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and we wish you a happy and safer Halloween whatever you may be doing!

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