HipDot X Spongebob is here!

ARE YA READY KIDS?!  .... Its the collection you never knew you needed ... until now! And, you wont have to travel all the way to Bikini Bottom to get it, as indie brand HipDot have bought the goods shoreside!!

HipDot X Spongebob has landed to mark the shows 20th anniversary and its cute as can be .... we are here to spill all the details today! From eyes, to (sandy) cheeks, to skincare this collections gotcha covered! 

Bikini Bottom Eye palette $36.00

Cruelty free, vegan and bursting with 15 matte and shimmer shades, this palette is as fresh as a pineapple under the sea.

Top L-R; Treedome, Bikini Bottom Blue, Best Shade Ever, Wumbo, Penny Pincher
Middle L-R; Coral Floral, Angry Tentacles, Imagination, Meow Meow .... Meow, Jumpin' Jellyfish
Bottom L-R; Rock Bottom, Deep Sea Blue, Golden Pineapple, Blue Lagoon, Advanced Darkness.

Best Friends Mask 4-Pack $20.00

Not only will you be transforming your skin when you and your bestie sport these masks, thanks to their skin-quenching ingredients like hyalauronic acid, marine protein and red algae, but you'll also be able to temporarily transform into your fave duo and get all nostalgic! Plus if you post a selfie wearing your mask and tag it #SpongeBobxHipDot you'll be entered into win the whole SpongeBob collection! Score! 

Sandy Cheeks Blush Bronzer $18.00

The collection just wouldn't be complete without a piece dedicated to our favourite tree-dome dweller would it?!
This handy-sandy little blush bronze duo is super pigmented, buttery and buildable and will give you the cutest little squirrel cheeks on the block!

Jellyfish LipGloss Trio $30.00 

Made with the same formnula as HipDots other best-selling lipglosses, these glosses are filled with coconut oil, vitamin E and shea butter for a moisturising finish! Choose from 3 shades including the iconic blue shade that SBSP homself sports in the 'Clams' episode.

Coral Blue- Sheer blue tone demi-gloss
Feelin' Fineapple - Sparkly sheer gloss
Sea Star Gazer - Sheer soft pink gloss 

Spongebob Everything set $94.00

When you just cant decide and wanna pinch the pennies Krabs style, pick up the whole collection and save yourself $10! You'll be kitted out with everything to make you Bikini Bottoms' #1 ...Soda drinks hat not included!

The collection is available now through the HipDot site - which pieces will you be fishin' for?!