How To; Big, Bouncy, Heat-Free Curls

Pull on your PJ's and get ready to wake up to the easiest, heat-free curls you've ever tried! Today we are going to show you how to get fuss-free curls that will look gorgeous but wont damage your precious hair!

Its best to do this with 1 day old hair, so try not to wash your hair immediately beforehand!

Start by using your Bella&Bear 'The Bear' paddle brush to brush through the hair and remove any knots or tangles.

Then, using your brush to help you pull in all hairs, tie your hair up into a high ponytail. You need to try and get the hair almost on top of your head so that you are able to sleep in this. Once you've got your ponytail tied, just gently pull at or tease the roots to stop them staying flat to your head once the ponytail is removed.

Next, you will need to split your ponytail up - if you have shorter or thinner hair then 2 sections should be enough but if you have long or thick hair (like us!) then you may need 4 sections.

First we are going to take a front section and we are going to dampen it - you can do this with either a spritz of water or a small amount of styling mousse. We're using the Got2B volumizing mousse.

Then take the section of hair and wrap it around 3 of your fingers, making the hair wrap under itself, once you've done this, you can slide your fingers out and continue to wrap the hair up to the crown, making sure you keep wrapping it under itself - just like how you would achieve a victory roll! This is called the pin curling method. 

You can then secure the roll to your head by sliding a bobbypin into each open side of the roll. Repeat these steps for each section of your ponytail until they are all done!

You will then need to leave these in place for at least 8 hours (leaving them overnight is easiest!).

Once you've woken up from your beauty sleep, you'll be ready to unleash those curls! 

Gently remove the bobby pins from the first section and allow it to unroll and hang, repeating for each section of hair.

After checking you've removed all your bobby pins you can gently pull out your ponytail - do this slowly to make sure you don't tug at the hair too much.

Shake out your hair a little so that it falls to its natural part and PRESTO!! Big, beautiful, bouncy, heat-free curls! Don't they look amazing?! You will seriously not be able to stop touching your gorgeous hair - and the best part is that they are completely heat free so your hair will still be shiny and soft (and un-damaged!). The curls should hold all day, since they dried that way, but if you want some extra hold then spritz with your fave hairspray! We also like to add a touch of glitter with the BodyShop Sparkler Spray!

Its really that easy! We hope you enjoyed this look and we would love to see your heat free curls, so don't forget to tag us! You can shop the Bella&Bear pieces used in this tutorial (and all our other pieces) in our online store right now!