In-Flight Skin Essentials You Need to Pack!

It's January. It's cold, wet and boring so we're all booking up those holidays in hopes of raising our spirits! We're collecting clothes and accessories to wear by the pool and dreaming of sipping cocktails at our leisure. But something most of us forget about is our skin. When you're splashing in the ocean or chilling by the pool, it's a good idea to skip makeup, so it's super important to care for your skin beforehand to get it ready to show off!

Lots of us dont know how damaging the aeroplane air and environment can be to our skin, and even if you've had the best skincare routine known to man on the run up to your holiday, your flight can take all that work away. Today, were going to explore some in-flight tips and products to help keep your skin looking fantastic for those makeup free moments on your holiday! And, dont worry, they're all under your 100ml allowance!

 1. Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser  - £20 / 50ml.

 Keeping the skin topped up with moisturiser is essential during any flight - the 'recycled' air which circulates around the plane is super drying on the skin and can really take all of its precious moisture away, so it is very important to moisturise and replace the skins natural moisture!

2. Voss Artisian water - £2.29 / 800ml

Although you wont be able to take this with you onto your aeroplane, drinking water during your flight is something we really recommend. Check with your in-flight menu to see which beverages are on offer and keep hydrated. Drinking water will nourish your skin from the inside and stop it from becoming dry, dull and flaky!

3. Starskin Hydrating Sheet Mask - £8.50 / 1 Mask

Some of us will choose not to use a mask during our flight, but it is a particularly good thing to do - especially for those long haul flights. Not only will using the mask relax you but it'll give your skin a chance to absorb all the great products sitting on top of it, and to repair and regenerate. We recommend using a sheet mask as they are simple (and clean) to apply and remove.

4.EOS Lipbalm - $3.29 / 0.25oz

How about those lips? There is nothing more uncomfortable than chapped, dry lips - and the planes air-con will have that effect on your lips rather quickly! Using a lip balm will help to protect the lips and keep them moisturised and supple. We love the EOS Lip balms as they are organic and smell incredible!

5.Bella&Bear Lash Curlers - $12.50

To compliment your refreshed roller ball eyes, how about curling the lashes for some lift and a more awake appearance? Our Bella&Bear curlers are ergonomic to suit all eye shapes,they don't pinch the skin and they are compact for easy storage - plus they come with their own gorgeous travel pouch!

6. Clinique Pop-up Cleansing Swipes - $10.00 / 9 Pods

A quick way to refresh the skin during a long haul flight, is to give it a gentle rub over with cleansing wipes - the cooling sensation will leave you feeling awake and revived and the cleanser addition will keep the skin clear from any dirt in the air - just don't forget to moisturise afterwards.

7. L'occtaine Shea Comforting Face Oil - £29.00 / 30ml

You've been flying for a couple of hours, and you've used your mask - now its time for a nap, right? Just before you close your eyes, don't forget to apply a nourishing dry oil to the face. Don't be fooled, this wont clog the pores and even those with oily skin can use them. The L'occtaine comforting face oil is packed with 100% natural goodies, a dry finish and the most relaxing scent, to whisk you off to dreamland in no time at all. 

8. First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller - £16.00 / 8.5ml

A cooling eye roller is a nifty way to appear more awake - even if you've been in the air for hours! The roller ball is perfect for nourishing tired skin, and the often include ingredients like caffeine and licorice extract which are known for ridding the skin of puffiness! Score! 

9. Algenist Drop &Glow lumizing Duo - $22 / 2x 7ml

Want to keep your skin clean during your flight, but conscious of wearing no makeup? How about applying a little glow? While the Algenist glow drops wont directly nourish your skin, they are made with zero parabans and sulphates, so you can be happy in the knowledge that your skin will be chemical free while its giving off that beautiful radiance. Apple a few drops to the cheekbones, down the sides of the nose and on the inner corners of the eyes for a darling glow which will make you look (and feel) like a goddess! 

10. Bodyshop Vitamin E face mist - £10.00 / 100ml

A great way to quickly refresh your skin, and your mind is with a face mist. This handy little product will instantly revive you, leaving you feeling hydrated, awake and motivated. The Bodyshop Vitamin E face mist is made with natural ingredients like rose water and wheatgerm oil! Tip; this product also works wonders as a makeup setter, so you can also use it once you disembark and apply your fave look!

What are your in-flight essentials? Share them with us - and don't forget you can shop all of our collection, including our Lash Curlers, in our online store right now!

Happy Holidays!