Lash Curler Mistakes to Avoid

We all want those dreamy long, fanned out lashes without having the hassle of falsies and extensions, right? Well, it is easier than you think, and all you will need is your trusty lash curler! But before you start your curling, be sure to check out our top tips of mistakes to avoid!



Curling your lashes may seem straight forward but there's actually a bit of an art to it. You want to squeeze the lashes enough that you get an effective curl, but the big no-no is clamping down on them too hard. This will almost certainly cause breakage to the lashes, making them short and stumpy - not only that but it will give an un-natural bend to the lashes rather than a sweeping curl.

High quality curlers like our very own Bella&Bear High and Mighty curlers don't require much pressure to give a beautiful curl, so it's always best to avoid cheap curlers for this reason.



Replacing the bumper pads in your lash curlers regularly is a must if you want healthy, well curled lashes. Not only does a good quality, fresh bumper give the lashes more support when curling, but old pads can also harbour bacteria after extended use, so replacing them will stop any risk or infections. Our Bella&Bear Lash curlers come with their very own pouch to keep them away from bacteria and also come with replacement bumpers - not only that but we also offer a special pack of pink bumpers so be sure to replace your bumper pads as soon as you see signs of wear or discolouring.



The eyes are super sensitive so even the smallest amount of dust, dirt or bacteria could cause an infection, so cleaning your curlers regularly is a must. Even if you always curl your lashes before applying mascara you still expose the tool to dead skin cells and bacteria from the eye area, so no getting out of it!

The simplest way to clean your curler is to take a 'daily brush cleaning spritz' and rub it over the plates and the bumpers with a cotton disc. You could also use rubbing alcohol.



We get it. You want the whole package; long, curly lashes which are jet black and fanned out. But there is a technique to getting there.

You must always curl your lashes before you go in with your fave mascara! Always! After mascara is applied to the lashes they are stiffer and less flexible, meaning they are harder to curl, which in turn means they will break off of you try to force them to curl.



Ever wondered why metal lash curlers can be more expensive than plastic ones? It's because they are simply better quality, and they're actually safer too. Plastic curlers can snap and break if they're old or if you put too much pressure on them - and do you really want that risk right near your eyes? Of course not.

Metal curlers work more precisely and effectively, taking care of the lashes as they are curled, so always opt for a metal curler!


 What are your top lash curler tips? 

You can trust our Bella&Bear Eye and Mighty lash curler to make your lashes fabulous! They are professional quality and made from metal for stability, endurance and the best results every time. Each curler comes with its very own travel bag making it perfect for on-the-go uses and to keep it hygienic and free from dust and dirt. Its is also ergonomically designed meaning it will fit all eye shapes and lash lengths and will not pinch the surrounding skin! You can find it in our online store right now.